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Re referall for aspergers

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peppajay Tue 06-Jan-15 18:14:11

I have spoke to school again today about re referall for aspergers for my son. He was seen by a peadiatrician in reception for suspected aspergers but during year 1 he improved so much she decided to discharge him (there were other issues and I should perhaps have pushed harder to get to the next stage of referall, but I think at this stage I was in denial that there was something not quite right) To cut a long story short I can cope with his meltdowns and the issues he has but DH and extended family can't. Christmas was a nightmare as he was out of routine and the meltdowns got shockingly bad, because everyone was making him anxious by their constant put downs. Most of his issues stem from not feeling comfortable around others and heightened anxiety when out of routine. He has obsessions that have got worse with his anxiety. The problem I have is that he has an absolutely fantastic teacher who like me sees very little problems with him knows how to keep him calm and generally at school he is good because he feels safe, loved and protected, so she says it is going to be really hard to re-refer him as she doesn't really have many issues with him. However she can see where I am coming from as other teachers cant cope as well with him. She suggested maybe I will get more luck going through the GP?? Any idea which is the best route to go down?? Also the school SENCO is useless and I think this is maybe what is teacher was trying to say in a polite way!!!

PolterGoose Tue 06-Jan-15 19:12:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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