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DD SN pushchair?

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DancingDays Tue 06-Jan-15 12:44:35

DD2 is 5 nearly 6 and Dyspraxic, Autistic and hypermobile.

She has a tendency to bolt or refuse to walk. She still uses a pushchair often but due to her weight and thrashing about she's now broken two (Unsupprisingly) so I carry her often. Recently her behaviour has gone down hill. She now hits, headbutts and pulls my hair when she's in meltdown. Meltdowns happen around twice a day. She's a real struggle to carry anyway but when she's thrashing and hitting it's getting impossible.

I know in a few more months even if my back holds out I won't be physically strong enough to carry her anymore.

I don't have an appointment with her consultant until next month and things are getting desperate so booked a GP to look into a SN buggy for her. Do you think she would be eligible for one? Can a GP refer for one? I know I can buy of EBay but I can't afford the prices they are asking so will have to make do with carrying for now. Does it take long to be assessed and receive one if the GP refers us tomorrow?

LastNightaKinderEggSavedMyLife Tue 06-Jan-15 15:08:06

In my area you need to be refered to wheelchair services who will provide a mclaren major pushchair. I think in some places the paed can provide themselves. Your dd would certainly be eligible though if it is the same as here.

Not sure if the gp can refer, probably though. If your consultant is available on the phone could you ask before appointment that way also?

Everydayaschoolday Tue 06-Jan-15 15:17:28

Our physio referred us to wheelchair services, I don't see why your GP couldn't. At wheelchair services I explained our dd could walk but tires quickly due to her CP. Wheelchair services said they have many customers who are occasional users and this (ability to walk) wasn't a barrier to getting a wheelchair or SN buggy. Ours don't offer the Maclaren one, but the one they showed us did look very good; we elected for the wheelchair though as dd will likely develop to self-propel. I think you'd be eligible, good luck OP. Oh watch out for long waiting times though. We were on the waiting list for 9 months here sad

senvet Tue 06-Jan-15 16:29:07

My friend was recommended a special trike-type-of-thing for her heavy SN dd by an OT. She went to the Beckham charity. She even had Mrs Beckham (senior, not Posh) checking that it was fine.

DancingDays Tue 06-Jan-15 19:32:45

Thanks I will try the GP tomorrow, if not I'll give the Consultant a call, didn't think of that. 9 months, hopefully it won't be that long. knowing my luck though it will.

I didn't even realise the Beckhams had a charity, I'll have a look at them too.

hazeyjane Wed 07-Jan-15 07:23:37

The gp should be able to refer. They have stopped giving MacMajors here, but a better one is given out instead. My friend had one issued for her son and only had to wait a couple of weeks. I had to wait longer for ds's as he needs supports on a different sort of buggy.

If you are looking at charity funding, I have a list of some charities, but they usually only fund things that aren't routinely supplied by NHS services, like trikes.

good luck!

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday Thu 08-Jan-15 23:30:20

Get a referral to wheelchair services by the gp, but be prepared for a wait sad(sometimes they are quick but often not!)
Some areas are getting reluctant to give them out for ASD needs but being hypermobile helps if you kwim!

My son (ASD, hypermobile, muscle weakness etc etc) had a Major buggy from age 3-6 but then it broke as it was heavily used and abused and so we switched to a wheelchair, which interesting made a big difference to how he was perceived.. we got a lot less of' what's a big boy like you doing in a buggy?' and more doors held open for us! He also had a Convaid Scout from W/c services which was a lot more robust.

We also had a trike funded through the Beckhams charity. Victoria's mum does much of the leg work, and is a very nice lady! Those guys do a lot of nice stuff on the quiet smile

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