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ABA/VB tutor required in KT4 (near New Malden)

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ladytsion Mon 05-Jan-15 20:50:57

Hi All,

We would like a part time ABA/VB tutor to start ASAP for 3 to 5 afternoons (2-3 hours each) for our 3.5+ year old son who is under the Autism Spectrum.

This role would suit someone local to our area as we require the work to be carried out in early afternoon (starting at 1:30pm) for 2 hours initially (building up to 3 hours) for 3 to 5 afternoons in the week including Saturday and Sunday. (The other 2 week afternoons are reserved for OT etc and hence, non-negotiable on movement.)

The person we are looking for has to be very energetic, adaptable and creative as our son is very active and constantly on the move. He loves chasing and running games. However, he does have a very strong need to follow his agenda. We are open to people who have lots of experience with toddlers and pre-schoolers even if they don't have ABA experience.

Our son...
He is a very sensitive, affectionate and bright boy who does not have any aggressive behaviour. He is passionate about music and singing. His other interests are animals and transports. He can talk in little phrases. We are looking to increase his language as well as play and social skills.

Thanks for reading.

user1492178955 Fri 14-Apr-17 20:51:02

I know this is an old thread but did you find a good tutor? We're in KT4 as well and looking for one for our son as well.

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