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So glad that school starts again tomorrow!

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iloveithere Sun 04-Jan-15 21:29:05

Well, this holiday has been so stressful.

We moved house, had a boiler breakdown, had loads of workmen in the house, and DS has been so out of routine that his behaviour has gone all weird.

He is an angel one minute, and having a massive temper (or a crash, as he calls it) the next.
He is getting all sorts of new anxieties, I can't keep up with them, and don't know what it will be next.
Today he spent an hour terrified that we might get locked in Ikea when it shut, despite me telling him a million times that we would not be there that long, and doing all I could to reassure him.

Last week it was being scared of the tannoy announcements in DIY shops (very annoying when I have a whole house to decorate, I just stopped going to them, and now have to go when he is at school next week.)

Now he is in bed screaming that school is boring and he hates it.

But all I can think is 'thank god'. A bit of routine will do him the world of good, and allow me to get on with the decorating.

I hope I am not being heartless, but sometimes I get so tired of being understanding.

bedelia Mon 05-Jan-15 00:36:17

I have to agree, I'm glad too! The past few weeks have been so disruptive, routine has completely gone out of the window and DS2 has been so unsettled at night with all the changes to routine (which means I've barely slept either!).

Hopefully DS will feel a little more in control once some of his usual routines are re-established. Will he be attending the same school? If he is, I'm sure it will be reassuring to be in a familiar place, with people he knows and trusts in contrast to all the changes that have been happening for you all lately.

Sending you cake and flowers - hope you both feel better and more settled in your new home soon!

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