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What do I include in the list for the initial paeds appointment?

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AllOutOfNaiceHam Sun 04-Jan-15 18:07:07

The date for our initial paeds consultant appointment is finally drawing near, and I want to write a list of all of the things that might be relevant about my 3.7 year old.
The main things are the fact that he doesn't seem to need more than about 4-6 hours of sleep a night, and the duracell bunny thing.
He deliberately runs into things a lot, or jumps and drops himself on the floor with full force, hits his head with his hand or against the sofa.
Should I include things like the fact he refuses to weat socks but loves hats, even in bed? Or that he refuses to need a wee but will then sometimes wet himself a few minutes later because he can't get there quickly enough? He also strains to pee every time. Or that he can answer questions in work books aimed at year 1 and 2 children but can't hold a pen? He doesn't listen at all sometimes, to the point of not even twitching or giving any outward sign that he has heard what is being said to him, and he doesn't seem to have very good impulse control. Is it worth mentioning that he is hypermobile?
That he takes everything very literally, eg not letting people call a plastic cup a glass because it's not made from glass, saying he didn't do any reading at pre-school if a book was read to him instead of reading it himself, following instructions to the letter but no further.
We've been waiting for this appointment for months so I don't want to miss anything, but I am worried they will dismiss him alltogether because they see me as neurotic, even though the pre-school, my childminder, hv and GP agree with me.

coppertop Sun 04-Jan-15 18:34:43

You'll probably find that the Paed will ask you questions about things like:

- How the pregnancy went

- Whether there were any complications during the birth

- Family medical history (any conditions that run in either side of DS' family

- Early development and milestones

- Anything that other people have mentioned about your DS (eg nursery, childminder, HV etc)

- Any specific concerns that you have.

It might be easier to write down everything in advance so that you don't forget anything that you want to say or any questions that you want to ask. It may (or may not!) help to slot things into categories like the ones above or even make your own categories. Maybe things like:

- Gross motor skills

- Fine motor skills

- Sensory issues

- Language development

- Social issues

- Toileting

I would mention everything that you've written your post here. If at all possible you could ask others to write a short statement about what they've noticed.

Good luck with the appointment.

adrianna22 Sun 04-Jan-15 18:37:11


I think your best bet is to include everything!

I wish I did this when DS was young- when we first had an an appointment with our paediatrician.

Type out your concerns regarding your DS, so you can hand this to your doctor or to help you remember what to say.

Are you seeing your regular GP or a developmental paediatrician?

If your seeing a GP and you wish to type out your concerns and hand it in. I'll just do a bulleted lists- under subheadings as they have a limited time being with you.

Good luck. smile

PolterGoose Sun 04-Jan-15 18:37:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AllOutOfNaiceHam Sun 04-Jan-15 18:42:19

Thank you for your reply! Before our SALT appointment with dc1 we had to fill in pages and pages of questionaires, but we haven't had anything this time. The sleep diary we are keeping has been forwarded from the HV to the GP and from the GP to paeds, and I was asked over the phone for verbal consent for a meeting and discussion about his case between the pre-school, HV and paeds, but I don't know if this has happened already or is going to happen in the next two weeks or after his appointment, as nobody has told me anything.
I will ask others to write statements, that is a great suggestion, thank you. I would like to try to anticipate a lot of the things the paeds might send us away to collect in case it means we have to wait another month or two.

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