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just need to share - dla mixed feelings.

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beigewalls Sun 28-Dec-14 09:52:16

Been here before with other ds, but got the dla letter through yesterday.

Awarded low mobility and mid care for ds - same as his brother.

Shouldn't be complaining - rapid turn around (only sent in beginning of dec), back payment so a healthy amount deposited into bank account. Will be able to now afford a weighted blanket and other things OT recommended. Will help pay the bus fares for hospital appointments...

Should be happy - but just like the other time, I feel sad. Getting the DLA makes it all so real : It says : They both have special needs.

The money will help so much and I am so grateful, but I feel so so sad. I know and accept that my kids have multiple diagnosis, so why should this be anything but a positive?

Am I just being stupid? Did anyone else feel like this?

Just have no one in real life to share these feelings with.

DontSweatTheSmallStuff Sun 28-Dec-14 10:03:29

Not stupid at all. It's a bit like when we get the official diagnosis. I cried. I was expecting it and was relieved as we now had some answers but at the same time it made me think 'shit! This is it' and it took away that little piece of hope that his behaviour was due to something else that would pass-a phase, or something that could be cured/sorted.
I'm supposed to be doing ds's dla form, even went to a workshop to help us fill it out, but struggling to get my head around the fact that it's <my> child I'm writing about.

orangepudding Sun 28-Dec-14 10:48:01

Your feelings are normal, I feel the same.

Within the space of three weeks DS had his EHCP finalised, was awarded DLA and the schools application for exceptional needs finding was accepted.
I know he has problems but now have confirmation from outside agencies. I feel so sad about it yet still wonder if he really does have problems!

OddFodd Mon 29-Dec-14 05:47:26

I feel exactly the same. DS was awarded higher rate care at the beginning of December and I feel a mixture of sadness (he really does have a disability), vindication (I'm not making it up) and imposter syndrome (there's clearly been a mistake).

The one thing I thought I'd feel and don't, is triumph.

Taramara Mon 29-Dec-14 07:56:39

I felt this too.
It had taken me ages to apply for this very reason
But it was a few days then I was able to focus on how the money would help us.

x2boys Mon 29-Dec-14 11:36:56

I felt like this too and my sons application was vey quick too money was in the bank within four weeks of sending the application off it was a relatively easy process no reconsiderations, appeasl etc which was all well and good but did make me think well its clear he really does have difficulties.

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