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What do I do with ds?

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bananananacoconuts Wed 17-Dec-14 21:40:30

Hi there,
Ds is 8 and has recently had CBT for anxiety with camhs. I went to the gp originally to be referred for adhd/aspergers and Camhs thought at referral that there may be some traits but to try the CBT first to see if helping the anxiety would in turn dismiss some of the traits.
This hasn't helped and has possibly exaggerated anxiety at bedtime all the more.heis so frightened of being alone at bedtime that he does not sleep unless he is clamped to my side, which means I don't sleep properly and we just go round in circles night after night. After a particularly bad night tonight (he is still awake) I am considering revisiting the doctors to ask if there is anything that may help him sleep.i'm not sure I'm even allowed to do that and feel awful requesting sleeping potions for DS but nothing seems to help. He had a meltdown for over an hour this evening because he couldn't sleep. He hears noises, voices, sees things and feels things. Nothing seems to help, even me going in every minute does not help every night although sometimes it does but he will be in my bedroom a few hours later telling me he couldn't sleep! Sorry for rambling I just need to know where I should go next

millimoohoo Wed 17-Dec-14 23:01:13

Hi, you could of written this post about my DS. I totally understand how you feel, all I want is for my DS to have a good nights sleep in his own bed which would allow me to sleep well (hasnt happened in yrs). Ive tried lots of things to get him to go to sleep, he responded well to calming music (chill out cd) on low it seemed to block other distractions and worked for awhile. He didn't like a meditation cd I bought sadly, i had high hopes for that. The only thing (apart from being welded to me) that has worked in getting him off to sleep is Melatonin which is the hormone in the body that recognises its night time and so time for sleep. This has worked well in getting my DS to sleep without the usual 'mum im scared, its too noisy, too quiet, too light etc..' however Melatonin does not keep him asleep and he is usually back in my bed sometime in the night sad My friend bought it back from America (she's a professor in public health so I felt ok giving it to him) it is sold over the counter there but not in this country. You could probably get it off the internet but Im not sure of the quality, your GP could prescribe. Melatonin hasn't had any ill effects on my DS (that i can tell) and he wakes up the same if he's had it or not. This is the only medication ive tried, so I cannot comment on anything else. I feel your pain banana, my lovely DS is still awake and its 11'oclock !

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