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ADOS Assessment

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Babieseverywhere Wed 17-Dec-14 14:38:53

6yo DS case has been to multi disciplinary panel, they decided they will do an ADOS assessment early next year as "we felt that further consideration of your child's social and communication difficulties would be helpful"

smile sad

Looking at a possible diagnosis of ASD.

Ineedmorepatience Wed 17-Dec-14 14:42:58

Good that they are moving things forward babies but I can understand why you would be sad too.

Be kind to your self and remember what ever happens he will always be your lovely little boy smile

Good luck flowers

Babieseverywhere Wed 17-Dec-14 14:55:19

Thanks....just guess it is very emotional trying to get help for a child who very few people 'see' anything in. He is a wonderful child, I am proud to have as my son, if he needed a label it would not change anything. smile

Just being maulin for five minutes before I go on the afternoon school run.

PolterGoose Wed 17-Dec-14 17:10:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Babieseverywhere Wed 17-Dec-14 22:57:02

Thanks Polter smile

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