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What next....

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salondon Tue 16-Dec-14 14:47:47

Hello all

Trying to prepare for the next fight...

Background - 5 yr old non verbal moderate-severe ASD daughter in a mainstream primary(reception) with 30hrs/week ABA/VB. We got this by going to Tribunal. Going well. The SENCO and Class Teacher are pleased with the progress, ABA/VB and the tutors. She is making very slow progress on school's early years' curriculum as well as VB-MAPP. She gets SALT and OT input which isnt great, but enough for where she is right now.

Annual review is due in October 2015. However, the ABA tutors have been hired till July 2015. Which says to me that they might change things at the end of Reception.

I want to be prepared with my ammunition. So thinking out loud:

1- Have Fiona in the annual review discussions(she was in our last review too)
2- Have David Urani come to assess our daughter in Reception in June 2015 so that his report is ready for the annual review/end of reception.
3- VB-MAPP assessment for end of the year
4- We have already engaged an independent SALT so that they can report on progress and suggest ASD specific targets
5- The CT and SENCO have both said to me that whenever our daughter has behaviours, the ABA team tackles them well.
6- Data is being collected. However, we dont have fancy graphs.

What else should we be looking at?


salondon Thu 18-Dec-14 14:23:21

Selfish bump

uggerthebugger Thu 18-Dec-14 21:03:30

I'm seriously having to scratch my head for things you haven't covered! With number 5, are the CT & SENCO remarks verbal? Can you get them in written form?

Also, you could think a bit about the way in which the school might be evidencing progress, as this is what they'll have to rely on to get the provision / statement changed. Are they still using NC Levels, or have they moved to a different type of bullshit sprayer assessment tool?

If it's different from NC levels, then find out what they're using, and how they now measure attainment and progress.

salondon Fri 19-Dec-14 05:04:16

The war has started. Last night I met the Head. She said she is happy with the progress but not with the support. It was quite controversial

Said that aba doesn't work within their setting. They aren't happy that the tutors are sort of our family. They aren't sure she will access year 1. She suggested putting her in a room where 2 other severe asd boys have a different curriculum and they use teachh. She said out of school placement at treetops won't be possible (I know she can't say that). funding is an issue and borough has no money(she sits on a committee ). Suggested putting her in the special school

I know it's all garbled right now

I said to her we will be very unhappy if she is asked to leave a mainstream simply because she is behind her peers. We aren't fooling ourselves here and we know that the gap is only widening and that is why she needs more support and has an iep.

I said we should look at part home part school

In terms of written comments. No I don't have written comments. But in October 2014 they all did the annual review and no issues were raised against aba

Now she wants the review to happen in June 2015

It's a nightmare

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