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GL Dyslexia Portfolio Assessment

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StringBeen Sun 14-Dec-14 21:44:53

We've got DS's assessment print-outs sent home on Friday, and are meeting to discuss it on Tues. If anyone has had one of these assessments done on their child, or knows about it, would you be able to help me out please?

It says his Dyslexia index is 'C' - what does this mean?

The main things that I think are important are:

Standardised score 109
Nat percentile rank single word spelling 2
Nat percentile ranksingle word reading 12
Nat percentile rank non word reading 3
Nat percentile rank phoneme deletion 28
Nat percentile rank naming speed 79
Nat percentile rank reading speed 66
Nat percentile rank free writing 40
Nat percentile rank forward digit recall 77
Nat percentile rank backwards digit recall 48

Is this what constitutes a 'spikey profile'? Does it indicate DS is dyslexic? How badly? What can we do to improve some of the really low scores?
The Senco said she would give us more written info on Tues, but I'd like to be as well informed as possible before we go.


bjkmummy Mon 15-Dec-14 07:49:52

according to the code on the back of my dd dyslexia report C means mild dyslexia.

his word reading scores are very low - anything under 5th centile shows a real struggle - anything under 15th centile shows an area of concern so I would say given the other high scores he is 'spikey'

Ineedmorepatience Mon 15-Dec-14 08:03:39

We were told in Tribunal that a child needed 3 areas of difficulty including the phonic test which is the non word reading, He has 2 very low scores which is the same as my Dd3. We were told dyslexia by one EP and not by another. The second, more experienced EP feels that her difficulties are caused by her ASD and its accompanying communication difficulties. It is a minefield tbh!

I would also say "spikey"

StringBeen Mon 15-Dec-14 11:08:05

Thank you both.
It sounds like this is going to be a confusing time hmm.
The thing is, DS can read - but I think he recognises word shapes and he also guesses depending on context rather than being able to decode the letters. Does that mean he just needs to relearn his phonics or does the fact that he is now in upper juniors and hasn't learnt them mean that he is therefore dyslexic?

Can he be taught to improve the things that showed low scores, or is this it for him?

Will his low scores have held back his overall standardised score, or is that an independent? ie could his overall score go up if he was able to improve his low scoring tests?

Urgh! I wish the Senco could have given us this info as the same time as the results. I am feeling very frustrated.

bjkmummy Mon 15-Dec-14 12:20:52

its hard to say if im honest - with my daughter we have paid for an hour of specialist teaching a week over the last year and when she was retested a year later her scores had more or less stayed the same but the EP is saying that is because the interventions are not the right ones plus she needs much much more specialist teaching and that is where the battle begins. the LA charge my dd school £93 per hour for specialist teaching so you can understand why I am having to fight.

dyslexia still baffles me I must be honest - autism I totally get but dyslexia is still a huge learning curve

Ineedmorepatience Mon 15-Dec-14 13:24:02

It is really complicated, I am still baffled tbh but after Dd3's most recent assessment things are a little clearer.

Dd3 is a whole word reader who taught herself to read before she started school. She never did phonics at school because she could read and she is still relying on reading the whole word.

She can decode phonetically correct single and some double syllable words but not multisylabic ones and thats where she comes unstuck. If she hasnt read a word before and memorised it she cant read it.

We are trying to get her a statement/EHCP with specialist teaching on it (amongst other things) because she is yr 7 now and so far the teaching she has had has failed to help her with her reading and writing difficulties so we know she needs to be taught in a different way!

BigBird69 Mon 15-Dec-14 16:23:14

My son is code F which unfortunately is the most severe. Many of the other components of the test were unable to be graded due to the severityhmm however, the most important thing is what they do with the info next. We found out that in DS's case the main issue is audio processing lack of phonological awareness and poor working memory. There are many differing factors that contribute to "dyslexia" and many different approaches to support your child and it may take. Long time to find the "key" to what will work. X

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