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If you have a dd with aspergers, what was she like at age 3-4?

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DIYandEatCake Fri 12-Dec-14 20:45:07

I have niggly worries about my dd (3.9) and am wondering if she could have Aspergers. These are the things that worry me -
Til age 3 she never said a word to another child, and would cry if another child tried to play with her.
She will talk to other children a little now, but only if they talk to her first. At nursery she plays by herself.
She doesn't play with toys like other children seem to - she will carry them round in bags, pretend to pack them to go on holiday etc, but will play imaginatively only if I play with her, and only if she's in control and telling me what to do.
She was a very high need baby with awful separation anxiety til she was nearly 3. Anxiety also came out as poo withholding from 18m to 2.5.
She doesn't laugh at the same things as others her age. Eg she just frowned at the punch and just show when all the others were giggling at the sausage stealing...
She is otherwise a sweet, quirky, bright, stubborn little thing, very affectionate with me, sometimes naughty and cheeky, mostly pretty well behaved.

PolterGoose Fri 12-Dec-14 20:49:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Clicketyclack Fri 12-Dec-14 22:15:19

DD is now 17 and has a dx of Aspergers.She was awful with other kids when she was that age,hated being with them,played alongside them at nursery,and also had separation anxietyfrom a very young age.She would actually throw things at other kids if they came to the house as she didn't want to play with them.She also never enjoyed the normal things like Pantos,shows,parties etc and would never smile or laugh at what all the other kids found so funny.
Unfortunately we never realised until she was a teenager that she had Aspergers and as a result she had no support until really late fsad.If your little dd does indeed have autism then she is already at a huge advantage with you realising at a young age.Good luck OP with it allfsmile

Ineedmorepatience Sat 13-Dec-14 11:18:56

I have a Dd who is 12 and has Asd, she was diagnosed at 9, we knew for years before that but it was hard to get the proffs to listen.

She has always struggled with separation anxiety, she hated play dates at our house although coped a little better at other peoples houses (still the same now), she has no interest in other peoples opinions or points of veiw only her own.
At playgroup she was like an alien, she stood back and didnt know how to play, she had very restrictive diet and routines that had to be stuck to or we faced monumental meltdowns.

I could go on all day grin

Oh and one of the hardest things at that age was that she was a runner and had no fear or sense of danger. I used to put her reigns on before unlocking the front door and not remove them until we were back home, she was seriously fast and didnt resond to her name when I called her. It was very scary sad

If your Dd needs a diagnosis, I hope you manage to find a decent Proff who is helpful and understands that girls often present very differently to boys.

Good luck flowers

DIYandEatCake Sun 14-Dec-14 20:24:34

Thank you for the replies, that's all really interesting. It seems she fits some of the characteristics but not others... We will have to see as she gets older I suppose. She is actually very similar to me as a child, which I suppose is what worries me - I was a bit different and distant from my peers, socially excluded and bullied for years and it really affected me. But she has made so much progress in recent months, I'd just love other people to be able to see all of the lovely qualities she has too.

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