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prescription from private psych

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Pootrouble Fri 12-Dec-14 19:21:27

Hi all. Dd has a dx of adhd but isnt currently medicated. We think now shes moving into year 7 next year and her concerntration is vvv poor that she may need a low dose to help her. Anyway waiting list is long to get back in system to see pead. We know a good psych who dd2 has seen.
Hes a psychiatrist so can prescribe. My question is would we have to pay for the prescription since hes private? And would gp do the aftercare and check ups? Thanks

streakybacon Sat 13-Dec-14 12:35:08

Ds has a private consultant psychiatrist who diagnosed ADHD after the NHS rejected him. He decides which medication suits ds best and writes to the GP who issues it on repeat prescription. We see the consultant every few months and discuss changes in dosage etc, then he writes again to the GP every time with any changes. We had to pay for the first prescription privately but that was a logistic problem because we didn't want to wait for the medication. Now it's straightforward and we just phone the surgery as you would for any other repeat meds.

GP doesn't see ds for anything to do with his ADHD. Consultant does routine blood pressure, height/weight checks at our review appointments and we keep in touch by email in between.

Pootrouble Sun 14-Dec-14 18:47:38

Excellent thanks for that its very helpful

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