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aba tutor absence - what would you do

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salondon Fri 12-Dec-14 09:27:16

Our 5 yr old is in reception with a 30 hours/week aba provision on her statement.

She is going to be mandatory school a from January. When the tutors have an emergency (like sickness, child unwell), we don't send her to school. We sent her the first time this happened and it was mayhem. I know it's their duty to provide aba cover. They just provide 1-1 support who isn't aba trained even. I haven't brought up aba training for her so far. That is one option.

When we keep her home, i always exchange emails with the senco. And let her know that I will work on some targets. But essentially our daughter is missing a day at school. This has happened about 3-4 times this term.

The senco said to me today that next time let's try and have her in and see how it goes. I know how it will go but I do want the school to try their staff and see how bad it can get (she will cry- because she is distressed not to see her tutors, there will be toilet accidents, lunch will go uneaten and no learning at all)

What would you do?

ohnoalfie Fri 12-Dec-14 10:29:54

Could you email the senco and ht and put the onus on them. You could say now it is mandatory that dd attends you feel that they need to provide what's on her statement and ask them what their contingency plan is if aba tutor is away. If they say again, let's see how it goes, go back and say you expect them to provide what's laid down in the statement. And anything else will cause your dd to be anxious.

Is she in mainstream? Do you think realistically the school are going to be able to stick to the statement long term? Sure someone with more sensible advice will be along.

salondon Fri 12-Dec-14 15:09:23

Yes its mainstream. Our statement says 2 yrs ABA experience tutor(among other things). Why would they not be able to stick to it? I am confused

I dont want to ruffle feathers over once a month sort of an issue. I am happy for her to stay home.

AgnesDiPesto Fri 12-Dec-14 16:10:55

We keep ds home, our ABA is private provider who goes into school, so the provider not school is responsible for cover. They do employ cover staff but they can't always provide cover if more than one person is off. Ds would not be learning anything at school without proper ABA support - he has non ABA cover for 2 lunchtimes and it's not same, he just gets stim etc. For school it's not a problem if he is off as he only goes 7 half days anyway and the rest off site so can mark it as education otherwise rather than as absence. I find it's more of an issue nov- feb when people gets colds, bugs and stuck if it snows. It tends not to be a big issue from March-Oct.
I wouldn't send her unless you want to make a point.

ohnoalfie Fri 12-Dec-14 16:55:13

The reason I mentioned that, is it's one term in and there have been 3/4
occasions already and maybe the school should have a plan b to ensure there is the cover that should be in place for your dd. I don't think you're ruffling feathers just by asking.

salondon Fri 12-Dec-14 17:00:56

We dont want send her Agnes. I dont think she misses a lot anyways

ohno - She can go in with the support - there wont be any learning

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