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Ds, low attendance, illness. Ugh. Had enough.

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DishwasherDogs Wed 10-Dec-14 12:35:50

Ds started at a new school a month ago, since then he's had every illness going round, two chest infections within 2 weeks, needing a course of steroids, last week a day in hospital to monitor his asthma (which has been crap lately)
He's had loads of time off school due to,illness, and school are concerned, understandably.

His behaviour at home has been atrocious, new school change plus Christmas I suppose.

He's off again this afternoon because his breathing is getting worse again, he feels sick and dizzy, this morning couldn't feel his legs confused. We're going back to the GP this afternoon.

What am I meant to do?
Are there any supplements I could give him to bolster his immune system?

stillstandingatthebusstop Wed 10-Dec-14 18:43:54

Hi Dishwasher

I'm not sure there is anything you can do. If he's ill, he's ill.

My DS has an underlying health (heart) condition. We had one term one winter where he hardly went to school at all because he kept getting tonsillitis. As soon as I sent him back in it seemed, he would get big, spotty tonsils again and be off for another 10 days (he doesn't recover quickly). School were understanding.

My DS was off 3 days last week with dodgy tonsils. These days I don't mess about, if he's unwell I keep him off and let him rest. I dread another winter like the bad one we had, especially as he's moved school now and I don't think they'd be supportive.

Has your DS had his flu jab?

DishwasherDogs Wed 10-Dec-14 20:27:10

We saw the dr tonight, he still has a chest infection, so he's now on antibiotics.
He's had his flu jab.

Hopefully this'll clear it up.
It's rubbish when they go through ill phases!
Hope your ds stays healthy now smile

Emilyowensmd Thu 11-Dec-14 07:10:55

Could it be psychosomatic? If he's been under a lot of stress moving to a new school it could come out as illness. Are you a generally well family with usually lots of energy or do you all get tired easily?

DishwasherDogs Thu 11-Dec-14 08:14:48

Yes it probably is.
He tends to have loads of energy all the time and never sits still. We know he's ill when he feels the cold and is still.
There has been a lot for him to deal with in the last few weeks, which I'm sure hasn't helped.

Sirzy Thu 11-Dec-14 08:20:48

Like so many others sounds like he is ready for the Christmas holidays!

Is his asthma normally under control? It not perhaps you need to look at that side of things and maybe look at a longer course of antibiotics to clear the infection fully?

School should have a care plan for how they are going to support your son when he is ill. DS has poor attendance due to his asthma (around 87% this term) but school are great and as much as possible are making sure he doesn't miss out too much when he is off.

DishwasherDogs Thu 11-Dec-14 10:22:53

Ts normally well controlled, which fits in with it possibly being psychosomatic.
He does generally start to flag after about 5 weeks of term

I've never thought about a care plan at school, it's never been an issue before. Hopefully after Christmas he'll settle down. I will talk to the teacher about it though.

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