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What do I need to do before DS starts school?

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elliejjtiny Mon 08-Dec-14 19:07:48

Quick background: DS3 is 3.11 and the 3rd of 5 children, all with SN to some degree. His only official diagnosis is hypermobility, especially in his ankles. He wears piedro boots full time and sees the paed once a year. He can walk quite far but often falls/walks into things. He doesn't go to preschool (because of DS4's multiple appointments, distance and DS3's mobility) and is due to start school in September 2015. We have been doing as much EYFS stuff as we can at home with him. He is the immediate older sibling of a child with complex SN and health issues which has affected him more than his own mobility problems. He has had problems with pulling his hair out due to anxiety. We have tried to keep the stress to a minimum but it's been difficult. Although we've learnt a lot from having DS1 and DS2 in a similar situation so we've managed to do things to help. It's the little things like proffessionals coming for appointments with the baby and saying that they want to take the baby home that has upset both DS3 and DS1.

I have dyspraxia and got no help in school until university where I suddenly improved so I'm a bit paranoid about making sure my DC's get all the support they can get so they can achieve their full potential. DS3 seems so "toddler like" in his behaviour if that makes sense and I'm hoping that he will mature in the next few months like DS1 did at that age.

Is there anything I need to do before he starts school? I remember there were a lot of meetings etc when DS2 started but that was all organised by the preschool and DS3 doesn't have that. I'm worried that he won't be ready for school when the time comes. I can imagine a class full of immaculate 4 year olds walking nicely into school while DS3 spins round on the spot and falls flat on his face. Having said that I thought that about DS1 and he was a lot better than I expected, although he is currently being assessed for AS.

I hope this makes sense. I was writing this post while comforting a baby with a cold, and being part of 3 very different conversations!

PolterGoose Mon 08-Dec-14 19:55:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ineedmorepatience Mon 08-Dec-14 20:52:16

Just a thought but is there a nearby preschool or nursery where he could g for a few hours a week?

Mainly because I think it would be easier to access the early years team and get a decent transition. Also because you would be able to see how he rubs along with other 4 yr old boys.

As you know from your others, there is a huge range at that age so it might be that he fits in well and it would put your mind at rest a little.

If he doesnt fit in, early yrs can start to put some stuff into place for him.

Failing that you could ring the early yrs team or try to access them via your nearest sure start centre, some have close links.

Good luck whatever you decide flowers

elliejjtiny Tue 09-Dec-14 17:25:04

Thankyou both. Polter DS4 is on MAISEY and DS2 was as well. I am seeing the HV tomorrow so will ask if DS3 can be put on it too. Ineed I can't get him to pre-school unfortunately. I try to take him to as many toddler groups as I can and softplay as well. He plays quite happily with other children his age but they are all much better at sitting still and listening than he is.

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