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Does anyone else struggle to get their ASD child to school on time on a Monday?

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CrispyFern Mon 08-Dec-14 10:10:02

Or is it just me?

I am feeling a bit useless this morning.

jThompson Mon 08-Dec-14 10:38:41

Mondays are a struggle here too. Doesn't help that Monday afternoons DS has two separate teachers for PE and French rather than his usual class teacher. He's never sure which is first and whether PE will be indoors or outdoors (or since the hall is currently in use for play rehearsals on at all!)

Not looking forward to tomorrow either as it's a school trip which he doesn't want to go on!

bbkl Mon 08-Dec-14 10:43:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RandallFloyd Mon 08-Dec-14 10:53:56

Not always but if he is going to be challenging it will pretty much always be a Monday.

He's only 3 so it's just pre-school not anything to do with timetables or anything like that, I think it's purely because the weekend gets him out of the routine.

Two weeks ago I had to ring the school to say we'd be late whilst DS lay screaming, naked, under the dining room table. Many parenting points were won that day.

OneInEight Mon 08-Dec-14 11:10:23

The ds's are much improved since starting at their specialist schools but Monday's used to be horrific especially for ds2. The rest of the week was pretty bad too but Monday's definitely the worst. We did work with school to try and improve things e.g. he was allowed to come in late to avoid the morning rush, he was given a task (feeding the birds) that eased the transition. We were lucky that school acknowledged the difficulties and did what they could to help.

happywanderingwithdog Mon 08-Dec-14 11:31:36

Every day sadly, and I have only managed to get DS to school 4 days out of the last 10. And it's so bleddy exhausting trying to keep it calm and lovely when you just want to scream.

CrispyFern Mon 08-Dec-14 11:39:23

Yes every day is hard but Monday's are worse!

Sometimes I feel like I'm doing everything wrong, me trying to hurry her makes it all harder and I know that but as time ticks on I start to feel stressed myself.

I feel guilty if I show that I am exasperated, but - I am exasperated!

I wish I was more patient.

CrispyFern Mon 08-Dec-14 11:42:43

She loses golden time if she's not on time every day too, which I don't agree with, but it isn't up to me!

brew for everyone in the same boat. And a mince pie each.

PolterGoose Mon 08-Dec-14 14:15:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bbkl Tue 09-Dec-14 15:40:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PolterGoose Tue 09-Dec-14 19:09:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

1805 Tue 09-Dec-14 22:58:45

and every night going to bed too.

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