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DS Bowel Problems - any advice?

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bedelia Mon 08-Dec-14 00:36:18

My youngest DS (age 3.2) has always pooped infrequently, once or twice a week since birth. At first HV/Doc put it down to being breastfed, and we assumed he'd "grow out of it", though he clearly hasn't.

I suspect DS has HFA/Aspergers; we're at the very beginning of the journey towards a Dx. He's incredibly fussy with food (which I suspect may be part of the issue) so it's very difficult to get him to eat any fruit/veg, though he does eat bananas and will drink fruit juice.

The past couple of months I've noticed he's found pooping increasingly distressing. He can clearly need to go (and tell me) for days before being able to, it clearly hurts him and the poops are enormous (though still soft) when he does them.

A couple of weeks ago I took him to the doctors and asked for help/advice about this, and also regards ASD symptoms (he's been referred to early years via nursery). Doc was a little dismissive of both, and explained that going once a week is "normal" (is it?) for some people. She gave him a prescription of Lactulose (to use only when needed) only because I'd told her that DS gets distressed when trying to poop.

Anyway. Today will be the 7th day since his last poop. He's been trying since Friday, tonight has been crying and asking me to help. The lactulose is clearly not working; he's barely eaten and no amount of water/fruit juice is shifting it. Can anyone advise? What can I ask for at the chemist to help if he's not able to go in the morning?

I plan to see a different doctor ASAP as this is really worrying me now, but would truly appreciate anything which could help in the meantime. It's awful seeing my little boy like this.

Wozald1989 Mon 08-Dec-14 11:30:08

I would see a different dr and ask for movicol, it's really helped my 6 year old from going about once a week, she now goes everyday

kyz1981 Mon 08-Dec-14 11:34:01

My DS ASD has constipation and is on Movicol, he was very distressed before going on this but is much better now but will be on it for a long time. He has constipation that he has had since 6 months old.

Most good GP's will try movicol as I believe it is not absorbed by the body and just adds water to the stool making it easier to pass.

We were fobbed off for ages by one stupid GP that said it was just toddler holding his stools and that it was normal, I got concerned and asked for a 2nd opinion and DS was impacted and nearly ended up in hospital so please go with your instinct.

Fluids and a warm bath tend to help better than most things - do not add extra fibre it will only bulk the stool and make it harder to pass.

Good luck x

bedelia Mon 08-Dec-14 18:57:18

Thank you both for the advice. I've just been reading about Movicol and it sounds like exactly what DS could do with now!

I couldn't get DS an appointment with Doc until Christmas Eve. Left a voicemail for HV in a panic this afternoon as DS was literally screaming in pain trying to push it out =( After nothing else worked (and he refused any more liquids) I tried "lubricating" his bottom with some baby lotion and dosed him up with calpol which seemed to help as he finally pushed some out.

HV called me back and explained that he might have a stretched bowel and ideally should be having laxatives daily, also that he lactulose might not be his best fit as it causes belly ache in some children (which might explain why it was so painful for him today).

Wish there wasn't such a long wait to see a GP. Really not keen to continue with the lactulose while we wait.

kyz1981 Tue 09-Dec-14 12:59:32

Can you go to out of hours? Pain is enough of a reason for them to see you.

I would also complain to your surgery as xmas eve is too long to wait. Do your Drs have on the day appointments?

Sunnymeg Tue 09-Dec-14 13:44:40

Oh I sympathise, DS had the same problem at that age and we ended up using suppositories on a semi regular basis. I will probably get flamed for this, but my HV who was near retirement told me to give him something really sugary to kick start the poo and to make sure he ate something sweet everyday. It worked. I remember the longest DS went without pooing was 10 days and he was in agony.

bedelia Tue 09-Dec-14 13:56:05

We ended up going this morning on an emergency appointment as DS had terrible cramps again after his breakfast =( Thankfully, we saw a different (and very understanding) doctor this time who prescribed Movicol =)

kyz1981 Tue 09-Dec-14 16:51:02

So pleased for you - glad you got the movicol it can take a few days to work.

Good luck and hope your DS feels better soon.

quirkychick Tue 09-Dec-14 17:09:09

Yy to movicol. You can vary the dose as required, though it takes 5 days to take effect iirc. My dd has ds and chronic constipation. She has sensory issues around food, particularly raw fruit and veg, we find smoothies work well as we can get the fruit/veg/fibre into her. Being active and getting her to walk some of the way home from school helps too. Bananas can bung up too, so not the best fruit, sadly. My dd loves them.

nathaydn10 Mon 12-Jan-15 11:15:51

fresh orange juice literally let him drink as much as he wants, my son's short bowel consultant always says to give that, seems to work to hmm hmm

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