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Please recommend an Ed Psych for a severely autistic child

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applemac Fri 05-Dec-14 19:40:40

Hi everyone. I don't post so much lately but have been fairly prolific over the years and especially when my dd was little and have name changed a lot over the years. Basically, she is nearly 13 and is currently in a school for children with SEN which is not autism specific. She is classically autistic with an IQ of only about 50.

The school she is at is nice and well resourced but I do not think it is the right school for her. Her behaviour is becoming increasingly problematic at home with her screaming much of the time. Yesterday at a meeting, I was concerned to hear her teacher describe her as 'misbehaving'.

I personally think that the work she is being asked to do is not appropriate for her, hence the misbehaviour. Last time she was assessed we had David Urani, who advised me that I would need to let her have some time in this school, but that in his opinion she needs ASD specific school. He is not going to be able to see her until Easter - could anyone please suggest anyone else? And
someone who would be good in an appeal situation? TIA

Icimoi Fri 05-Dec-14 22:15:28

Ann Baumber, Peter Parkhouse.

sazale Fri 05-Dec-14 23:28:08

I've heard good things about John Hall who is based in Bristol

applemac Sat 06-Dec-14 12:40:22

Many thanks.

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