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PIP appointee advice [titled edited by HQ]

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MummyTheBlueengine Fri 05-Dec-14 00:13:50

Sorry if this was discussed at lenghts.

I have some truble with the bit I thought was strait forward.
DS with ASD is applying for PIP, or rather I am doing this on his behalf as he is totally clueless, uninterested and disorganised.

PIP sent a form asking whether DS can act on financial maters himself and if not, whether I would accept to be his appointee - I filled it in, signed and sent to the address provided - have proof of posting. Now I received the same form 3 more times - asking me to fill it in or they would disallow the claim - I called PIP - they said they received a blank form ????
So I am thinking, did I do anything wrong?

Should I approach it as carefully as the main form for points scoring?? I can't even start thinking about the main form for the moment.

Is there a special guidance on how to fill this appointee form?
Who should sign it? Should we both sign it?

How to structure the section “What else would you like to add to support your claim for PIP”?
I explained that he lacks attention and organisation, he wouldn’t understand and wouldn’t attend to these financial matters.
In examples, I said he is impulsive, not complying with a budget, would run up a bill – he would forget his lunch and lunch money, wouldn't tell me anything would borrow from teachers and the cafeteria and they would send me embarrasing messages and obviousely bills. Is that a "wrong" reason whu he can't manage money himself?

Please put me out of my misery.

streakybacon Fri 05-Dec-14 18:57:40

If you PM me with an email address, I can send you a copy of what I wrote for my son's claim. My appointeeship was accepted without question.

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