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IEP targets related to anxiety

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Mapleleaf3 Wed 03-Dec-14 18:59:32

Hoping somebody can help. Dd is 5, in the middle of the assessment process with a CAMHS psychiatrist and waiting to see margo sharp in January. May be AS but also lots of anxiety issues and mood issues and very very shy and withdrawn, plus probably some sensory issues.

Her teacher wants to go over the IEP with me tomorrow and has asked that I come up with some targets to add to the next one. So far the targets have mainly been around getting her to talk to other kids or in class, plus getting her to come in to school and say good bye to me each morning. So, more around her overt behaviour, but not on the potential underlying issues that may be leading to this behaviour.

I really would like school to address some of the anxieties and feel like this is an opportunity. But not sure how I could phrase something as a target that would work on an IEP, with limited TA support in the class. She almost certainly has lots of social anxiety and shuts down, but school don't see it as a real issue because she is not melting down at school (she is at home).

Anybody had things like this added to an IEP? Ideally I would love it if they could use some of the resource that we have but don't have enough time to use properly (two other kids plus much of the time is spent trying to deal with the meltdowns etc.), such as the what to do if you worry too much book or the panicosaurus book etc.

Any suggestions? Meeting the teacher after school tomorrow.

Bigballoon14 Wed 03-Dec-14 20:16:33


We have a very similar situation to yourself. Our DS is 4.9 and in reception. I spoke to his teacher just before the half term and she admitted that she just couldn't see any problems. He also has meltdowns at home and masks in school. So I explained to them that he very subtle signs of stress and anxiety like walking on tiptoes, wringing his hands, clenching his fists and poitning his fingers out straight. So I said if they were to notice these signs could they please distrct him and remove him from the situation if possible. They were fine with this as they kind of understand the impact that school stress has at home. They then asked what he really likes and I said nursery rhymes so they have laminated some pictures from nursery rhymes and put them in a box for him and if they notice he is stressed or anxious he has a quiet place to go with his box of pictures.

Also the fact that he absolutely keeps home and school separate means that it is hard for me to talk about his day and know what he is doing or how he is copoing, so school have also have a book and each day they write what he has done so that I have a starting point for a conversation.

By the end of the meeting it was decided that the target of the IEP would be to reduce DS anxiety and therefore lessen the home impact.

Unfortunately there is way more to Ds than this at school and I am finding it increasingly difficult getting the school to listen and take stuff on board so we are no better off yet. And as I keep getting told over and over It's a matter of getting a diagnosis first.

Hope you manage to get something sorted for your DD xx

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