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Statementing COP questions (I should know the answers but my mind's gone blank!)

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PandasRock Wed 03-Dec-14 12:00:06

A couple of quick questions.

With the Statement/ECHP crossover, am I right in thinking I can defer dd1's statement changing, as she is in year 6? Is this a regional/by LA thing, or a general COP guideline?

With regard to Secondary transition, I thought the LA were obliged to attend and discuss options? Last year we were told that LA only attend Yr 5 reviews, to discuss transition (erm, yes, it was her year 5 review which you declined to attend) and so we were expecting attendance this year. Been and gone, with no sign of the LA (not necessarily a bad thing). I thought that since it was a legal transition point, the LA had to send a representative?

I should know the answers to these. I've been in the game long enough. But my brain is fried at the moment (very long boring story involving neighbours and opposition to our planning application) and I can't think straight.

bjkmummy Wed 03-Dec-14 13:24:11

Yes for this year only you can defer a transfer to an EHCP if your child is in year 6.

As for the LA attending , I think it varies to be honest on which LA you are in. I have my year 6 AR next week and expect the. LA to be there. He is in an indie asd school so hoping they will just agree to him carrying on there otherwise could mean a tribunal but fingers crossed they see sense

PandasRock Wed 03-Dec-14 16:21:27

Thanks, bjk.

Dd1 is at an indie ASD school too (ABA), and very happy for her to stay there, but was just a bit nonplussed with the no show, as was expecting attendance at the least, given it is transition.

It is on record that parental choice is to stay with a statement rather than transfer, but if (as last year) LA choose to ignore the record of a meeting they didn't even bother to attend, then we could run into trouble.

Good luck for your AR next week smile

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