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6yo DS and dyspraxia - how to help?

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WellTidy Wed 03-Dec-14 09:58:51

DS was recently assessed by an ed psych as school had sugeseted that he could be dyslexic. The results of the assessment are that he is not dyslexic, but he scored very low (14th centile) on non verbal reasoning.

Coupled with other things (he struggles to get dressed and undressed as he cannot fathom buttons or zips, he cannot turn clothes from inside out to the right way round, he is quite clumsy and has poor co-ordination eg skipping, kicking, catching etc, cannot do jigsaws really) the ed psych said that this pointed towards dyspraxia. On the plus side, his verbal reasoning is 3 or so years ahead of the average for his age. He also has above average working memory. He scored average on spelling, phonics and numeracy.

I think that we will ask the GP for him to be seen by an occupational therapist or community paediatrician so that we can find out what may help him.

In the meantime, is there anything in particular we should be doing with him at home? Exercises/techniques? I don't know what I'm asking for really, but its probably anyone else's experiences of things that have helped their children.

We are gettig him a bike for Chrsistmas, even though he has never shown any interest in one, as I think its a skill that he would benefit learning from. He is a whizz on a scooter.

Obviously, we will keep going at teaching him how to do up and undo buttons and zips, and keep doing jigsaws with him.

AngelCauliflower Wed 03-Dec-14 10:58:04

Hi, my ds does Fizzys Training Games:Clever Hands levels 1,2 &3 at home and at school.

He has been having one to one swimming lessons, learning to ride bike and learning other sports. He has been doing all these things since the summer and there is a huge difference in what he can do now and what he could do before summer holidays. All these things have really helped.

I googled fizzys training games and see you can download them if you are interested.

I found the occupational therapist to be really helpful.

WellTidy Wed 03-Dec-14 11:44:33

Thanks Angel. I will look into those games. Its exactly the kind of suggestion I think I was looking for.

DS can already swim, but I think learning to ride his bike will be a big challenge.

Ruggles Wed 03-Dec-14 15:28:28

Hi Welltidy - we've been doing Tinsley House exercises and diet with a really good response over quite a long time period. Check out Tinsley House thread or the book - Is This My Child. Good luck smile

WellTidy Wed 03-Dec-14 16:17:41

Thanks Ruggles. Would that be to do as well as Fizzys Training Games, or instead of please?

I have also started giving DS 15 ml daily of a good quality fish oil. I read that this could have an effect as long as the dose is high enouigh and it is given daily.

Angel and Ruggles, can I ask how your DC cope with their dyspraxia and how old they are? I don't know how this will impact on DS educationally, socially etc as he gets older.

Ruggles Thu 04-Dec-14 20:52:24

Hi Welltidy - I'm afraid I don't know about Fizzy's Training Games (apart from that they sound fun!), but I think lots of different exercises and games can really help. My DC take 3 x Vegepa twice a day. They have the chewable ones and call them their 'fish oil sweeties'. DS1 is 6. We've been doing stuff for 2 years now and his symptoms have really improved. Having had a really tricky start at pre-school and the first term of Reception, he's now thriving in Yr1. How old is your DS?

2boysnamedR Thu 04-Dec-14 22:14:50

My ds does gymnastics and theartre club (singing and dancing). Ot has been amazing. Lots of exercises like wrapping marbles in therapy putty which he has to pick off. Picking up small objects with pegs. Weigh lifting with tins of beans. Yoga resistacne work. Ot gave us a sensory, fine and gross motor skill diet. Changed his life. However he still very much all the same problems as he did before. Nothing's been a instant fix, it's a long road and he will always have dyspraxia, there is real possibility to improve

AngelCauliflower Thu 04-Dec-14 22:34:59

my ds is 6 years old. He has made a lot of progress over the last 6 months. When he started school he could only draw a circle and now his writing and drawing is really coming along nicely. He is beginning to attempt zips and buttons on his clothes. I can see progress in most areas. I do worry about the future and ds feeling down about it. Occasionally he has been annoyed or upset at himself for falling asking me why he always falls.

I have often thought about adding fish oil to ds' diet but as yet I haven't done it. Ds has had a lot of coconut oil in his diet this year and I often wonder if this has helped him in some way.

WellTidy Mon 08-Dec-14 09:09:38

Thank you all for your input. I will defeinitely pursue the occupational therapy, as I know that DS would benefit from that, given what you've all said. He hasn't actually been formally diagnosed as yet (ed psych could only say, based on her assessment, that he had dyspraxic traits, but it would be up to an occupational therapist to diagnose).

He writes well and draws pretty decently. He can swim.

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