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Lucid rapid screening and where to go from here

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gabbybaby Thu 27-Nov-14 14:45:22

DD5 (Y1 - July birthday) has been assessed by the SENCo using the lucid rapid screening test for dyslexia which has come back with a "moderate probability" of dyslexia. What does "moderate" actually mean on these tests, and how should I now follow up with the SENCo? She is young so I'm not sure I'll be able to get a full ed psych assessment, but should I be asking for one given her age? In the meantime, we are arranging a (private) OT assessment as she is struggling with handwriting, focus and memory. The SENCo has said that we should wait for the OT assessment before making any further decisions about her (maybe this is because we have agreed to pay for that privately, so no cost to them). Btw, if it makes any difference, her results on the test were fine for phonological processing (60-something centile), but low for auditory sequential memory and visual verbal memory (both in the 20-25 centile range). I'm not sure what I should ask the SENCo for following these results. She is young - only 5 - so they say she could just be a late developer, but at least she is on radar for them to keep an eye on. Any advice of where I go from here, and what I should be asking the school for, following the screening test they did?

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