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childcare cost question (for disabled DC) and Tax Credits

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chocismydrug Wed 26-Nov-14 22:43:41

Have been made redudant from my part time (school hour ) job and struggle to find anything else. Now looking into working outside of school hours.

Dd1 has severe Asd and severe Ld. I have also Dd2 (NT).

Just read on the HRMC page that tax credits for childcare are capped at £300 per week for 2 children. probably ok if no SN involved but if I need childcare for Dd1, I will pay a higher rate (got a few quotes between £12-15/h) so the £300 will probably be not enough tocover childcare for both DC fue to Dd1's enhanced rate.

Does anybody know if there is extra funding available to cover childcare for a disabled child?

really starting to panic how I can sort this out. I need to find a new job really urgently.

Tunna Thu 27-Nov-14 14:47:36

Do you get DLA for DS1? Receiving DLA can mean you are entitled to an increase in other means-tested benefits or Tax Credits that you are already in receipt of. More details here

Also, I'm pretty sure it's against disability laws to charge more for childcare because of SEN. Is this childcare in the home?

chocismydrug Thu 27-Nov-14 15:52:54

We do but it all goes to therapy (we get nothing on the NHS other than the token salt and OT provision through school (statement) and in part helps us to pay the bills (I had to give up a well paid full time job) and we could not keep a roof over our head without it. It would not stretch to pay for expensive childcare on top.

Tunna Thu 27-Nov-14 17:41:06

You could claim carers allowance whilst you are searching for a suitable job, if you earn less than £102 a week. So theoretically you could look for a job with less hours during school time and top up that money with the carers allowance of £61.35.

Obviously this depends on how much you need to earn to live on. Contact CAB or similar for proper financial advice. Good luck smile

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