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Another ABA querey- ABA consultant / supervisor - what's the difference?

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MommyToMyLittleStar Sun 23-Nov-14 00:33:36

It's me again with another ABA querey?
So after Bering told by Autismpartnership there is - 1 yr waiting list to start a programme in North of England I manged to find an independent Someone who calls herself an ABA Supervisor. She says she has a Maters in ABA, experience of working with children on the spectrum , 2 yrs tutoring experience & currently has started supervising programmes. She said she is planning to take BCBA exam early next year. She said if I need a 'consultant' we apparently have to travel to Swansea to meet her contact who is a consultant- (not an option - I would rather travel to London), but apparently she has enough experience to start Early learner programmes (DS is 3)
I would rather go with an established company but as there is 1 yr wait am now thinking is it worth starting with this supervisor or should continue searching for a Board certified consultant?
Opinions please.

sammythemummy Sun 23-Nov-14 14:12:09

I've not been doing ABA as long as some of the posters here (around6-7months) so they might have a different view to me but I really think it depends on the person?

I had supervisors for both of my programmes (I changed consultants in the summer) but I later stopped using her so I only have a consultant now.

I would check her references, who she worked under and have a session to see her in action.

I however (from the experiences I had with my supervisors) would rather go with a consultant with extensive experience.

Btw, AP are expensive! Or is it just the London branch? Having said that, they do amazing work (I've seen a child change remarkably)

sammythemummy Sun 23-Nov-14 14:15:11

Also, it took a while to find a consultant immediately available (and whose prices I could realistically afford!) so whilst I was waiting I did contact a supervisor to guide me as I really didn't want to waste anymore time.

MommyToMyLittleStar Sun 23-Nov-14 15:37:52

Thanks Sammy- I would really Like to go with AP as they have the whole package- with travel expenses from london AP works just the same for us- this independent supervisor is charging more than AP supervisor hourly rate!!! Anyway as she's available only in couple of months i can continue looking.... What I might do is start with an independent & then go to AP when they become available...

sickofsocalledexperts Sun 23-Nov-14 15:44:41

The ideal is to find a BCBA (consultant) with a BCaBA (supervisor) under him/her, and then tutors under that, but must admit that I think soon and early are as crucial as qualifications: I had experienced but unqualified people for first two years and my boy did really well. I was lucky though so yes agree that taking references from other mums is the best way. A year's wait is no good at this age

MommyToMyLittleStar Sun 23-Nov-14 17:27:31

Thanks Sick- I hope we too get lucky.

salondon Mon 24-Nov-14 11:21:26

This is what we do:

Consultant - BCBA/BCaBA(I think experience matters more) - once every 3 months - i.e 4 times a year + Annual Review, Tribunal etc - 6 hours each day
Supervisor - Working towards BCBA (ours was a BCBA) and having a great working relationship with your consultant - If your team is experienced, then once every 4-6 weeks is enough. You can do Skypes in between if needed. If your team is new/parents doing themselves, then I feel once every 2 weeks for 3 hours is needed. Looking back, not using a local supervisor was a big mistake.
Lead Tutor - Similar to a supervisor/ just less experience - We have now switched to this model - If you have a good lead tutor, then you can skip the supervisor altogether. We use that model now

I don't think you need a consultant from Day1 if one isnt available. However, if your supervisor isn't comfortable working with AP, then it could be an issue.. 1 year is a long time. I would start with the supervisor if you are happy with the references.

MommyToMyLittleStar Mon 24-Nov-14 21:40:13

Thank you salondon. This is what we have decided to do. (Unless
I find someone more qualified). We have couple of months before we commit... In the interim trying strategies suggests by our private SLT... I am so irritated they don't give any individualised plan via the NHS.... The group therapy session we attend is a joke- it's just stay & play! Just because DS doesn't talk & is defiant doesn't mean he has poor understanding- his receptive language is good- but if he doesn't want to do what they tell him they show him symbols & he looks it me to explain what the symbol means!!!

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