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Advice needed on extra-curricular activities and ASD

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VoulezVous Fri 21-Nov-14 21:01:54

I have an 8 year old with aspergers. She's always been very reluctant to attend any activities outside of school. She doesn't particularly like school either but that's another thread.

She currently goes to a childminder after school 2 nights a week and also swimming lessons and drama group.

The childminder is non-negotiable because I'm at work on those days.

I make her go swimming because I think it's important to learn. She has been going for 3 years but still can't swim a length of the pool, so she still has a long way to go and I'm beginning to wonder whether she'll ever get there. She doesn't like it because it's scary and she knows she's not very good.

I enrolled her in drama because I thought she might enjoy it (she's an excellent mimic) and she attends with a couple of boys from her class. She seems to enjoy it when she's there but cries about having to go every week.

She is begging me on a daily basis to quit her groups. I'm not sure. I know she finds school stressful and I don't want to add to that, but otherwise quite isolated at home. Not that she minds. But I don't know if this is good for her? Should I just let her decide, or be a bit more pushy?

bbkl Fri 21-Nov-14 22:19:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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