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Query regarding one to one support - in statement but possibly not happening

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Proudmumof2boys Thu 20-Nov-14 22:56:18

DS1 has had a full time one to one since 2 weeks in to the term. It is described in his statement as:

... (name) requires full time Teaching Assistant support to be available to him throughout the school day. It is expected that this will be delivered on a 1:1 basis except for when it would be beneficial for (name) to work in a small group alongside his peers, for example: during small groups maths intervention or phonics

DS1 has said the odd thing to make me really doubt he can be supervised one to one at playtimes. I have asked his one to one via his home - school diary. She had responded she is one to one at morning and afternoon play. She is available at lunch time 'when needed'.

She seems excellent. But I'm not happy he isn't getting this support. The headmaster knows my absolute priority is support at lunch and playtimes.

Do you think it would be over the top for me to book to see the headmaster re this? Ugh.


Icimoi Thu 20-Nov-14 22:58:48

No, I don't think it would be over the top. Schools are great ones for diverting one to ones when convenient and they need to know you're not going to accept it. You'll probably get a load of smooth talk about allowing him to independent, though, so be prepared with your answers to that.

Proudmumof2boys Thu 20-Nov-14 23:06:59

Thank you for your post. DS1, his TA and I are going to 3 SALT social skills groups over the next 3 weeks to hopefully get more strategies to help. So I'm not sure whether to email the headmaster over the weekend or wait until after those!

BackforGood Thu 20-Nov-14 23:27:03

I think I would talk to the class teacher first, rather than the HT (that's another couple of levels up if things can't be worked out with the class teacher) and say that you feel the times he finds most difficult, are the less structured times - ie, the 'playtimes' and 'lunchtime'. I think you have to acknowledge that the TA will need a lunchbreak herself at some point though, so for your ds to have her with him throughout his lunchbreak will mean she will have to have her break during lesson time.

I am presuming that you know he's been anxious during the lunchtimes?

Proudmumof2boys Thu 20-Nov-14 23:40:55

He has told me about a few incidents and his ongoing unwillingness to 'share' a friend so I know he hasn't been supported.

The SENCO and headmaster were ominous several meetings with the LA last year so they know my views and priorities. it is a good idea to raise it with his class teacher first.
The home school diary says she is 'available' to him at lunch times but not 1 to 1 as at other playtimes. DS1 says she 'plays with other children'???

Proudmumof2boys Thu 20-Nov-14 23:42:13

Sorry that should be 'in' several meetings. I don't know where 'ominous' came from !

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