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Private OT for help with handwriting ? help with handwriting.........

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CallyP Wed 19-Nov-14 15:58:20

Hi, my son is having terrible trouble with his handwriting - he has motor problems and is getting limited help from OT and school, although it is early days. Is it worth me getting a second opinion with a specialist in this area do you think ? any recommendations ? as I know there are several aspects of handwriting (visual...sensory...motor ) and I want my DS to be doing the right interventions for him. At the moment they are taking quite a general approach. He is just about to start to the 'write from the start' programme. Maybe this is the best thing for now? just panicking as I don't really want him going off down the wrong track . Any other mums in this position - what did you do? as I said I am getting limited help from school and OT.

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