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Dyspraxia and social skills

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VelvetB Tue 18-Nov-14 23:06:34

Hi, I'm after some advice really, it's been a difficult few weeks with my son, so be gentle! And apologies if this is a bit of a ramble!
My DS is 6 and has a diagnosis of dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder. His biggest problem initially was speech, though with a lot of therapy he's now verbal and mostly intelligible.
He attends a mainstream primary school and has a statement and the school are great mostly, doing everything they can to help/push DS to achieve.
He has always had problems with social skills and tends to play with younger children or seek out adults. He can be quite physical and will snatch, push or hit. Their have been some issues at school with bullying and behaviour, for example the kids often play 'it' at break time and because my son is behind on speech and language is often told to be the 'chaser' which frustrates him as he feels children are running away from him all the time and this causes him to lash out. He is unable to quickly react and explain what he wants to do and therefore goes along with it as he is desperate to be accepted and make friends. This has resulted in him being put in a group at break times that play in a smaller playground, all the children need additional help with social skills but he sees it as something else which marks him out as different.
I'm worried now that perhaps the school isn't the right place for him and he just can't cope. It's a very busy school and I think sensory overload is a big deal for him. He is also markedly behind on maths and literacy.
We're taking him to see an educational psychologist to get another opinion next week and I guess decide if we look for a specialist school.
I'm at a bit of a loss now, I'm worried that maybe he is just badly behaved, but my gut feeling is that he really can't cope and is becoming increasingly miserable which is slowly knocking his confidence. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)

2boysnamedR Wed 19-Nov-14 01:14:14

Sounds a bit like DS but he saves up his violence for his siblings at home.DS school is 500, he's yr 2. He is getting better at coping with pushing and shoving at pick up, but every touch is still assault. I don't know the answer as that aspect has not improved much.

However my ds has accepted he has dcd, he still thinks he is totally normal. he has never realised he stands out like a beacon

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