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christmas meet up MNSNSW

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signandsingcarols Tue 18-Nov-14 19:44:22

Hi all, just thought I posted this on chat, but some of you may not go there.. we are planning a MNSN (mumsnet special needs) meet up in the southwest, open to any MNSN posters,

Tamba has very kindly done me a google poll jobbie thing (you can see how techie I am) to see when people were available. We are looking at meeting at Gateway Church in Swindon, (as we have previously), on Sat 20th Dec, the thread in chat gives more info about venue... and people have been saying we should do bring and share this time for food... which is fine with me..

So I guess this just to say if anyone who posts here (and is in travel distance to swindon) wants to come to meet up and has not indicated please either post on the thread or pm me direct.

Happy Christmas grin

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