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Advice needed please

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dionnec1988 Tue 18-Nov-14 18:29:46

Hey, im new to mums net but i have come on here for some advice really.. My son is six and is really struggling at school, his teacher says that he is very hands on with other children invades their personal space and when told not to do it he says ok, but then he does straight away afterwards.
He was a late developer he didn't start walking till he was 18 months, attended speech therapy and had all tests for hearing etc. (all encouragement was given at home to help all of these issues).
He is about a year behind on his reading and writing and now is point blank refusing to do his work in class, we read every night and have done from a young age to no avail. Although he is above average in maths, but the teacher has said as the maths is getting more challenging he is starting to give up on that as well.
She has suggested that he could possibly be on the autistic spectrum, but seems to have made no progress on getting him assessed as of yet. i do realise that this can take a long time but my fear is that the teacher will become fed up of his "behaviour" and just start chastising him and i dont want that to happen if he has got real problems then they need to be correctly looked at.
i was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and if their child has been diagnosed with autism?
any advice would be kindly appreciated

Thank you x

fairgame Tue 18-Nov-14 18:37:54

Hi and welcome to the SN board.
I would arrange a meeting with the school SENCO and discuss the situation with her. It might be a good idea to get him assessed by an educational psychologist to see exactly what his difficulties are and to give school some strategies to deal with them.
You need to ask the GP for a referral for an autism assessment as school cannot do the assessment. It can be a long process but the sooner you get started on the pathway the better.
My son has ASD and was similar. A late developer with speech and walking but he has had extremely challenging behaviour since he started school so he was picked up quite quickly. He is also quite good at maths but reluctant to do work that challenges him, he gives up very easily.
What is your son like socially?

adrianna22 Tue 18-Nov-14 18:42:10

Yes it's common in kids who have ASD.

I went to see a SS some time ago and a boy with ASD was stroking my hand. I think he did this as a way to say hello- but the entire time, while he was stroking my hand, I was thinking ".... Should I ignore it or quickly move my hand away...", but I just slowly removed my hand away. grin

DS does NOT do this with adults, the whole invading someone space etc, for some reason he is very socially aware when it comes to adults- with kids it's a bit different- when his playing and gets over excited he kinda loses that socially awareness.
But also kids who have other disabilities struggle with this too.

Like a child with a speech impairment who also had ADHD, I once knew was VERY in your face.

Your DS could have a social communication disorder without having autism. Plus if you look at the triad of impairments, social communication is just that one thing- he also has to impairments with his social interaction and social

You could get your DD assessed, there are some social communication groups that your DS can go to, helping him with the social side of things.

dionnec1988 Tue 18-Nov-14 18:42:48

Thank you for the advice i will put these issues forward in the morning when i speak to the teacher and arrange a meeting with the head teacher asap.

socially he is ok one to one with younger children, he tends to like the younger ones to play with rather than with children he's own age. hes very touchy and gets into other childrens faces not nastily, but can get very upset as other children do not like this and i try to remind him that this is the case but he is consistent with it. when he is challenged he will sometimes lash out by pushing other children so i have to keep a close eye on him when he is playing.

is this similar to your son?

dionnec1988 Tue 18-Nov-14 18:46:47

He is also very vocally disruptive in class for example he will repeatedly say the word banana he is actually the same at home with this.

i like the sound of the groups do you know how i could find more information on them?

fairgame Tue 18-Nov-14 18:53:38

No my son has only just started bothering with other kids over the past year and he's 10 this month. Before that he was always happily on his own. He preferred adult company and still does and does not tolerate younger children (generally under 4's) at all. He used to try and interact with the other kids when he was in ms school but it didn't usually end well!
But every child with autism is different. Some are very sociable and touchy feely while others avoid physical contact.

dionnec1988 Tue 18-Nov-14 19:05:11

I suppose that's the case with all children really.. My son is the same within his class he doesn't have a lot of friends and has found it really difficult to make and keep strong friendships, not that i expect him to he's only 6, but he has found it quite hard over the few years he's been at school. But he does like to play with his younger brothers at his dad's house and my friends children he will always gravitate towards the younger ones.

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