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Results of ASD assess - inconclusive - anyone??

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happyanyounoitflapyourhands Fri 14-Nov-14 21:42:36

well after 2.5 years from beginning we had the feedback meeting!

Inconclusive ... Yes and no, borderline. They kept telling me they absouloutley see his problems they are there they just don't have a name for it all sad they said it could go either way with him and they want to wait to re assess when he's a little older ! But why wait for the problems to start sad

Been referred to OT and intervention team in camhs - just turning 5 ! I'm glad they saw his problems I don't care if ASD or not all that maters is they know and can support him and us as best as possible !

I know I will be back in a few years though 110% I just can't see him "outgrowing" it !

So mixed emotions ! Anyone else had similar ?

adrianna22 Sat 15-Nov-14 11:21:14


I know how you feel, as DS has been assessed three times for autism. They are still not really sure, BUT in the end they gave him the diagnosis. They did say that they would like to assess him again when his older. But for now, we have our diagnosis.

It could be the case for you.

The most important thing is for your DS to get as much help as possible. In my area- I was so disappointed that once he did get diagnosed- they offered him very little help.

If you want, go and get a second opinion. I'm getting DS assessed privately-- not for autism-- but to get a detailed assessment about his needs.

I'll advise you to get a ECH plan.

Good luck.

peppajay Sat 15-Nov-14 15:22:23

My son is on year 2 and was referred to a paediatrician in reception. He has always been different and at pre school they said they would not be surprised if he was diagnosed with HFA when he was older. Anyway in reception he was referred to a paediatrician through the speech therapist who noticed autistic traits. We had several appointments over the last 3 years resulting in the paediatrician discharging him and not referring on to the next stage as she felt he was manageable. After quite a bad week at school for my son this week I asked my sons year 2 teacher if she believes he has aspergers and her definitive answer was 'yes' - but please don't label him. He is at a lovely school where all the teachers know him and his ways and apart from the odd blip he copes well- they know the triggers and how to approach and calm him down when there is a problem. I mentioned maybe we should go to the next stage and get him a diagnosis but he doesn't need 1-1 help at school academiacally he is fine and compared to reception he is doing really well. Her only concern is when he goes to secondary school- that without a diagnosis he may not get the help he needs - but he is only 6 so we have a bit of time - but is so difficult whether to push forward or just let him be!!!

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