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Resolving verbal dyspraxia

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Msccake Fri 14-Nov-14 17:57:42

My son is 5 and was diagnosed with verbal dyspraxia about 18 months ago. He has had really great support and has made loads of progress. He is able to say all the speech sounds and almost all the clusters in therapy. His day to day speech is mostly understandable but I'd say that most sentences contain at least one error either a mispronunciation or a sound missing. Some words not understandable at all no matter how many times he repeats them. He struggles with words with r's and l's in them. If he sings you can't tell what he saying.

Because of his progress his therapy was cut from once a week (with daily practice) to once every 6 weeks (with daily practice) with the expectation that he would now start to generalise what he has learn't in therapy which mostly seems to be correcting his errors.

My concern is that as each sentence has an error this is not the best approach. He gets frustrated if corrected all the time. And it seems that he actually needs to be taught how to say certain words correctly eg children and little which he just can't get.

There lots online about therapy approaches and how intensive one to one therapy best but does this cease to apply once a certain level of progress is achieved. Is generalising the next step or does the content of therapy change from sounds to words to sentences etc.

Any advice re. Therapy approaches and how verbal dyspraxia was resolved would be gratefully received.

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