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Egerton Rothesay School experiences please and would neighbouring LEA fund or partially fund fees?

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Tambaboy Thu 13-Nov-14 15:19:12

I'm already looking for schools for DS when he moves into y5 . I have just discovered Egerton Rothesay in Hertfordshire thanks to SOS!SEN. It just looks like the perfect school for ds (7), currently in y3.
We are just finalising his EHC plan and we are happy with his mainstream primary but SOS! SEN suggested that if he is getting 30 hours support maybe we should be looking at more specialised settings for him. There is nothing suitable locally but ERS just looks brilliant. I'll be going to an Open morning next week but I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience of it.
The fees are very reasonable for an independent school (15k-20k) but would our LEA even consider funding it or even just contributing to the fees?

We live about 1 hour away so if it's the right school we really need to think about what to do in terms of house, jobs etc

ohnoalfie Sun 16-Nov-14 21:03:44

Your LA may take the view that 30 hours support costs them £ xx so they can divert those funds to an indi school like egerton. I would be aware 15 to 20k is a conservative estimate it could be closer to mid 20k to 30k. LA could say they pay first xx amount and you top up. Also transport isnt included and would be about £3k.

Why are you thinking of moving in year 5 rather than now or year 7? Remember if you did get agreement you can't just necessarily move and get a new la to pick up the fees.

If you still like it after the open day, personally, if it were me I would take professional advice as to the best way to proceed.

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