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Talk to type machine/app/device in MS school?!

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OddFodd Wed 12-Nov-14 21:33:38

DS (7) has dyspraxia and appalling/veeeeeery slow handwriting as a result. His writing is virtually illegible and if he tries to write quickly it's worse and it's really holding him back.

His CT has said that the school are 'looking into' getting him some kind of device that he could speak into so that he isn't hampered by his poor handwriting. The school has a kind of typing machine with a dot matrix display at the top but his CT doesn't think his typing will be good enough and I thought it looked really crap when the senco showed it to me because you can only see one line of text at a time.

Has anyone's child used something similar or got any suggestions? I'd really love to be able to make it impossible for them to refuse to allow this but I'm a bit worried they might give up if it's hard to find something that would do the job.

NoHaudinMaWheest Fri 14-Nov-14 21:36:43

I think the most usual talk to type software is Dragon which is pretty widely available and works on most computers as far as I know.
Ds who has dyslexia and hypermobile fingers which mean that both his writing and spelling are dire was given this. He didn't have the patience for the practice it needed to work really well and never used it much.
The software has to get used to your voice and won't work if there are any speech difficulties.

Dd has developed difficulties with using her right hand which makes her writing very slow and tiring. She has been given Dragon too and the newer version is much more accurate.
The school really should be able to access advice from a technology or physical difficulties specialist teacher who is bound to know about Dragon and probably other options too.

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