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toys rus ASD friendly shopping morning

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fairgame Tue 11-Nov-14 18:45:11

Don't know if any of you know about this? Our local ASD group has contact toys rus and they have confirmed that this is true and going ahead.

This is a heads up for anyone with kids with autism or additional needs that on November 30th every Toys R Us store in the UK will be holding an autism friendly and additional needs exclusive shopping event.

To make this as comfortable as possible TRU promises “reduced fluorescent lighting, no loud music or tannoy announcements.” Additionally all staff will have been provided with some parent led autism awareness training.

This does look like a great chance to enjoy some Christmas shopping with your children as the event is exclusively for parents with additional needs children.

The stores will be open till 11am with tills opening at 11am (due to Sunday trading restrictions) and staff will make sure there is quick efficient access to tills for payment or offer to hold trolleys till an appropriate time if you wish to pop out and return to pay.

Toys R Us go on to add, “Of course everyone is welcome to come along just browse and play!”

fairgame Tue 11-Nov-14 18:47:05

Just seen there is already a thread on this blush
Really need to get to specsavers!

blackeyedsusie Wed 12-Nov-14 00:18:51

I shall repeat myself (as always) and say that sometimes the more exhasted and distracted of us need to be told twice or much more


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