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ED PSYCH appointment - advice needed

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Hallybear79 Sat 08-Nov-14 22:12:01

After an agonising 2 year wait, we've finally got our ed psych appointment at school on Monday to discuss my DS(6) who has dyspraxia & awaiting assessment for ADHD & ASD. As per usual when it comes to an important appointment, i feel like a rabbit in headlights. Apart from having a collection of notes & observation that i've made, i feel completely unprepared. Can anyone give me any advice or tips on what i should be asking & what to expect.

zzzzz Sun 09-Nov-14 01:56:01

Look at the diagnostic criteria and write down examples of his behaviour that might fit, that will focus you on where and who he is.

Think about what he finds particularly difficult at school. (Eg leaveing you, PE, lunch) discuss what they could do to support him and push him forwards.

MadameSin Tue 11-Nov-14 20:59:08

The school should also have a list of what he finds tricky in the classroom. I found that I talked way too much in these meetings, often dribbling on. Have notes to refer to, take notes and be precise. Ask what they think will work best for him and what they recommend is put in place for him. Let them do a lot of talking and don't give them the answers. Good luck!

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