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OT for cLondon-based OT for Aspergers/Sensory issues

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Haggismcbaggis Sat 08-Nov-14 18:27:06

Hi. My DS 9 has recently been dx with ASD (Aspergers). He had a full OT assessment at a large Harley St OT place. I wonder though if anyone could recommend a North or Central London based OT that has helped their child. I'd rather go to a particular individual for sessions rather than a larger practice.
He needs help with sensory processing, core strength, gross & fine motor skills. Please PM me if you don't want to put names here. Many thanks

Haggismcbaggis Mon 10-Nov-14 20:14:16

Just a little bump in case anyone can help.

hydeparkhottie Wed 12-Nov-14 08:47:20

watching with interest as I have the same question.

Haggismcbaggis Wed 12-Nov-14 12:02:20

Not having much joy hmm

PolterGoose Wed 12-Nov-14 12:50:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frizzcat Wed 12-Nov-14 22:48:15


Have you looked at Pincestry? It has some good recommendations for sensory diets and OT exercises.

Also there is a thread on here for support with sensory processing disorder, that also would be worth a read as it also has lots of recommendations.

frizzcat Wed 12-Nov-14 22:50:13

Here you go

Haggismcbaggis Thu 13-Nov-14 21:26:32

Thanks so much Frizzcat! I will read the thread.

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