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Appointment with community paediatrics for ASD - what to expect?

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Sameshitdifferentusername Thu 06-Nov-14 21:55:33

DD has her first appointment next week, we've only been waiting since May grin

I'm assuming they won't be doing any assessments yet, it'll just be a general medical & developmental history?

Can anyone who's been through this already give me some idea what to expect? What do I need to take? What should I tell DD (she's 7)?

Tunna Thu 06-Nov-14 23:11:42

At my appointment they spent some time going through family history, birth, early years and then focussed on areas such as communication, social skills, physical abilities, fine & gross motor skills, sleeping, eating, sensory problems and a physical. I took my mum with me so once the doctor had done my DS's assessment she could take him to the coffee shop so we could talk frankly out of DS earshot.

The doctor used the DSM V criteria, lots of open ended questions. Have a read through the bit that refers to autism to give you an idea of the things they'll be asking.

My appointment was in May, with another one in August and apps with Salt, OT and EP as well. Got the diagnosis today following panel review of ASD. DS was 7 as well.

In terms of telling him, I've just explained that I understand he finds some things are difficult to work out or explain and that mum & all the doctors are working hard to find out what we can do to help him.

Sameshitdifferentusername Fri 07-Nov-14 18:27:10

Thanks tunna that's massively helpful. I'm hoping my sister will come with me to look after both children if needs be (I'll have baby DS with me too). How long did your appointment take?

orangepudding Fri 07-Nov-14 18:53:29

My DS first saw his com Paed in August. The Dr spent about 90 mins taking a history, listening to our concerns and doing a physical examination.

We were sent questionnaires on ASD and ADHD as were the school. Today we got the results. DS has now been refered to another team for an autistic assesment - there is a 14 month waiting list! Different areas diagnose in different ways.

Tunna Sat 08-Nov-14 13:06:14

Agree with orangepudding, just on 2 hours in total. My borough uses a multi disciplinary approach, so DS was seen by Speech & language, occupational therapy, educational psychologist and a community paediatrician who specialises in neurodevelopment disorders. All reports are then reviewed by a panel consisting of senior professionals in Salt, OT, EP and paediatrics.

However, if I lived 2 miles away in next borough, it would have been comm paed assessment then referral to ASD pathway for ADOS assessment.

Ask your comm paed what the process is in your borough.

Sameshitdifferentusername Wed 12-Nov-14 23:02:03

Thanks for your help thanks my DD's appointment was today. The paedriatrician said she shared the school and my concerns and she's been referred to the ASD pathway, but the waiting list is over 12 months long. In the meantime she has been referred to OT, and I've been given a sheet with details of support for children and parents awaiting assessment.

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