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I have never informed the school that DS has physical needs - he has dyspraxia...

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2boysnamedR Thu 06-Nov-14 00:50:31

Or does he? If we put aside the fact that the NHS says DCD is dyspraxia and the LA refute that (gosh they are so clever these bods, law degrees and PhD's in medicine....)

My lovely NT gifted boy has 'DCD' and OT has been in school a fair few times. He is under physio and has missed lessons to attend Physio, OT and podiatry. All authorised absences.

I have shared medical reports to this effect with school - yet the LA say they are not aware of any physical needs. Really? But DCD is a physical problem? He has IEP targets to hold his pen? from the NHS website below

Problems -

with playground activities such as hopping, jumping, running, and catching or kicking a ball – they often avoid joining in because of their lack of co-ordination and may find PE (physical education) difficult
•walking up and down stairs
•writing, drawing and using scissors – their handwriting and drawings may appear scribbled and more childish than other children their age
•getting dressed, doing up buttons and tying shoelaces
•keeping still – they may swing or move their arms and legs a lot and find it hard to sit still

He has all of this plus a ton more. How can they say I have never raised physical issues?

Do I point out in detail how utterly moronic this statement is as hypotonia and hypermobility is physical I have provided medical reports etc

or that I am shocked the school never wondered why OT was going in for such a gifted child looked into what dyspraxia is.

Why??? Just why???? If your going to take me to the cleaners, please, please, please I beg you. Engage the brain. If any of this was logical at least I could go and rock in a darkened corner while said gifted child prepairs for Oxford. Instead I am wondering whats wrong with me. I do not see the world as others do. There is proven fact, like the world is round. No one argues fact and if they did, no one want to hear it, or debate it for a day at tribunal do they?

Wheres your written proof that the world is round? I don't care If everyone says its round, it's flat, go so far in a boat you'll fall off. Lets argue about that one in court shall we? Oh yes!! Lets! At tax payers expense? Why not!!

This is a rant btw ;0)

Ineedmorepatience Thu 06-Nov-14 08:09:56

Some LA's seem to make it their mission in life to make parents of children with sen/sn's out to be liars!

My LA have completely ignored the huge difficulties that my Dd3 has with writing which have been documented by 2 indie Ep's just because one teacher gave incorrect information about NC levels!!

I dont have much confidence that we will win our tribunal this time but based on my experience last time when I felt that the panel really listened and took on board what was being said, we are going again and we will try to get our point accross.

And you will do the same 2boys.

Keep fighting cake flowers

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