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School closing ranks now with the NHS

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2boysnamedR Tue 04-Nov-14 16:56:46

School won't let my ep in again unless it's via the tribunal rep. I feel like everyone is talking about me and what a pointless and precious crusade I'm on.

How can I ever really know what's going on with my son? Is there any point trying to work him out anyway? I could find out he has psychosis but it would be "let's wait till he's killed at least four people" tripe of not reaching the targets for action.

Still looking into Daphne Keen but that's going to be more for us than of any education / nhs support. The lea say ds doesn't need to be on school action now. He's dong so well....but they still want their ep in again and nhs slt to see him ( but he is fine- they just need these lovely people to confirm he is 'fine' - repeatedly).

I want to chase some nhs things but I feel like everyone will have been headed off by the lea!

If I get this statement I could loose it at the first review. I think everyone hates me for what I'm doing. Knowing I have to do it all again for the toddler drives me bonkers!

But that's one thing I won't loose sleep over. I hope they hate my guts by the time this is finished.

I can't ever see myself being able to work with the school again after this. They honestly think that a statement is like a four leaf clover, you hear about them, but no ones ever really seen one, it's debatable they even exist.

Icimoi Tue 04-Nov-14 23:10:40

The EP issue has been responded to on your other thread, but I just wanted to say that if you get the statement/EHC Plan, you really won't lose it at the first review. The LA clearly won't give it unless they're satisfied that it's needed - in which case they're highly unlikely to change their minds that quickly - or unless they're ordered to do so by the tribunal. Some
LAs try to threaten parents that they'll withdraw a statement ordered by a tribunal, but they know perfectly well that they can't. If a parent has been to a tribunal once, they know that that parent will go straight back and the tribunal, and that the tribunal will be incredibly hacked off that the
LA has so blatantly disobeyed their order and will probably debar them, order them to pay costs etc. in fact, i've heard a solicitor say that it would almost certainly be Contempt of Court, which is very serious.

2boysnamedR Wed 05-Nov-14 14:19:01

Thank you so much, that's good to hear. I have to know this worth fighting as it's killing me

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