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Littlemisssunshine72 Mon 03-Nov-14 20:22:33

With the change in law, every child on SEN support gets £6000- yes? So in effect, that money should be spent for that child.
So can't quite see how a 20 min social group a week utilises this money.
( I do realise in reality this is not what happens and the school pools every £6000 they receive for every SEN child-exceptions to every rule I know).
Basically , I just want to ask whether it would be unreasonable to ask at parents evening tomorrow for some of that money to be used to facilitate DD in the free play setting of her reception class ie. in the natural setting. She has no diagnosis and is very able academically but finds it hard to initiate play/approach others .
I did not know she was on SEN support until this evening when I received her provision map. It claims she has SALT (which she does not-she was discharged before starting reception).
Lots of questions and I know with there being no legal backing for SEN support, they could just say no but then if I asked her to be taken off SEN Support, could they refuse?
It just seems to me they are happy to have her on the register but not actually provide any ( minimal) support.

AgnesDiPesto Mon 03-Nov-14 22:32:09

In theory the school has a notional Sen budget of up to £6000 per child and above that extra funding would come from LA.
but the budget is not set by how many actual children there are in the school with Sen but by a formula eg deprivation, free school meals etc.
This means that often schools do not physically have the money.
Eg in a wealthy area a school may get a very small Sen budget but have several high needs children, in that scenario the council should top up their money.
But you shouldn't worry about funding, it should be about need. If she needs 1:1 or social groups they should be provided and its for school and council to argue whether the school has the money already or not.
Look at Sen code of practice there should be strategies tried and a deadline when you all review if it's worked and if not then more support is put in until there is appropriate improvement.

Littlemisssunshine72 Tue 04-Nov-14 06:41:45


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