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Is there a bus pass /travel card for fulltime carers?

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AnyoneForTardis Mon 03-Nov-14 17:45:46

Children go free, theyre usually with parents/nanny/whover.

Teens have passes.

what about the disabled teens
Im paying a fortune on oyster card, we have to use bus a lot.

Teen can never get a bus on her own, I or someone else have to travel with her.

so, is there a bus pass for a carer? shouldn't we be able to travel free with them? or at least much reduced travel fare.

and on trains both teen and I have to pay, even more expense.

2old2beamum Mon 03-Nov-14 18:26:09

My DS has a bus pass and it has a C printed on it which enables a carer to travel with him. I am not sure if it is an "area" thing.

Trains!!! cost me £200+ to get to London for hospital visit with DD in wheelchair angry

AnyoneForTardis Mon 03-Nov-14 18:55:39

Why the hell don't they give you a pass for travelling with a disabled wheelchair DD?

that's awful!

just looked this up on local council website and theres nothing for carers angry. its disgusting.

how do they expect disabled kids to travel alone FFS?

yet another prejudice by the bloody government.

cant stand the lot of them.

tempe48 Mon 03-Nov-14 19:23:24

There is a disabled person's railcard, which gives them and a carer 1/3 off the price on trains.

There was also DLA mobility (I'm not sure how PIP works, as DD is still on DLA) lower or higher rate. This goes some way towards the additional costs of travel with a disability. My DD gets mobility at the higher rate, so she has a Motability car - you give up the DLA mobility in return for a new car, free servicing, road tax, tyres, RAC cover and some tolls. We drive it for her or we can use it for her benefit - like shopping for her, etc!

Carers can get Carers Allowance so long as they care for 35 hours or more a week - which most parents do.

tempe48 Mon 03-Nov-14 19:36:28

Have a look at this:

or your own local authority website. Mine provides a free bus pass for a disabled person within the county and most off peak bus travel within England, apart from National Express, airport services, school buses, and some services into Central London. If the disabled person needs a companion in my county, there is a disabled bus pass with a companion too, so long as its due to a medical condition, learning difficulty, etc. Unfortunately, the companion pass is not valid outside the county, as its not part of the national scheme - but see if your own local authority has something similar?

A blue badge is also very helpful if your child qualifies - look at your local authority's website. It gives exemption from the Congestion Charge in Central London, if you apply to Transport for London (I think its them) - you can apply for the exemption on two family cars.

My other daughter has a Young Person's railcard - I'm sure she got a discount on her Oyster card with it.

AnyoneForTardis Tue 04-Nov-14 17:42:17

Thank you.

No, my county doesn't have what you have, I may have to home swap soon and move to another borough at this rate, theres hardly anthing for disabled. or carers.

ouryve Tue 04-Nov-14 22:34:30

People in receipt of higher rate mobility are entitled to a disabled person's bus pass in most areas. No help for anyone who gets LRM, but still can't travel alone, despite the fantasy specifications according to the DWP. According to the DWP, DS1 qualifies for LRM because he needs an adult to support him when travelling to new places. He can't even go to the local shops alone, ffs! He can't even play in the back lane without an adult watching him.

But yy, there's nothing for carers.

And kids aren't free where we live. I live 5 miles from Durham. Return is £6.90 for me and £3.50 for DS1. If I want to go to Newcastle, which involves 2 buses from different companies, since he can't tolerate the waiting around for a bus from the same company very well, It's £9.50 for me and £8.50 for DS1.

outofreach Wed 05-Nov-14 01:28:25

DS has a disabled travel pass although he's on LRM, I think it depends on your council and what evidence you can supply whether they'll award one. Bus travel is free for him anyway but it allows free tube/train travel as well.

I use a half price bus pass in London, but this depends on getting income support (which I get as a carer). Carers who don't get income support aren't entitled to it though.

2old2beamum for train tickets for travellers in wheelchairs, there is a discount of up to 50% for both the traveller and carer. You need to book them from a train station ticket office, they don't show up in online bookings.

AnyoneForTardis Wed 05-Nov-14 17:38:09

mine gets lower rate, even though ive applied for higher rate as DC cant go out unaided, but their excuse for no blue badge/higher rate is that DC can walk about 20 steps beforeshe cant manage any more.

she can put both feet on the floor therefore shes fine.


I know people with mildly disabled children whos walking is no prob at all and they get everything going.

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