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School suggestions in Surrey for girl with AS (7ys)

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SparkleSoiree Wed 01-Oct-14 11:18:44

Hi there. Has anyone any experience/suggestions of schools that I can go and view for a 7yr old girl with Asperger's Syndrome, Sensory processing disorder, Dyslexia and other associated conditions please.

We are in Surrey and are really struggling to find somewhere that isn't all boys and can accommodate DD's needs. Am happy to consider just out of county too. The Tribunal is approaching and have run out of places to visit. At this rate it will be home education.

I just need suggestions please, many thanks.

adrianna22 Wed 01-Oct-14 13:13:18

What about the ICAN meath school? But what is your DD main need?

sickofsocalledexperts Wed 01-Oct-14 14:51:21

Blossom house?

HairyMaclary Wed 01-Oct-14 14:59:59

Limpsfield grange

I thought this was from 7 but actually it's from 11 so no good for now. Have heard very good things about it though.

tempe48 Wed 01-Oct-14 16:40:20

Moor House - as a day student, not a boarder? They certainly used to have a class of Juniors, for Y3 - Y6. However, it is possible that she would be the only girl in the class. Its the nature of special provision unfortunately!

SparkleSoiree Fri 03-Oct-14 13:43:07

Thanks for your responses. DD's main issue aside Aspergers is sensory processing and social communication with recently diagnosed with Dyslexia. Both create huge issues for her mainly creating anxiety and associated behaviours.

Will keep looking - hoping I find the right one soon.

GIN72 Thu 13-Nov-14 16:14:13

I would for sure look at I can. My Asperger boy went there and they were very good at understanding his needs. He also has a speech and Language disorder and ADHD.
They have almost as many girls than boys in the school so goos for peer group.
You can look at their website or I would be happy to tell you who I contacted in the school.

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