Communication and Interaction Resource Base at St Andrew's primary, Chinnor - experience?

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MeAndMySpoon Thu 25-Sep-14 19:10:13

Sorry for the extremely cumbersome title! grin

Does anyone have any experiences/knowedge about the ASD Resource Base which is hosted at St Andrews Primary School, Chinnor, South Oxfordshire?

I'm really struggling to find any other specialist ASD provision within our area (South Oxfordshire) and although we're booked on a visit there in a couple of weeks, I'd really appreciate any insight or experiences of this base, please.

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FutureMum Thu 25-Sep-14 19:54:53

Hi, I have visited as I want my dd to go there next yr. seemed really good and efficient and the staff had the right attitude.

MeAndMySpoon Thu 25-Sep-14 20:12:34

Thanks, FutureMum. How old is your DD? smile

Were you given any indication about how oversubscribed the unit is/what the chances were of your DD getting a place?

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FutureMum Sat 27-Sep-14 20:02:17

Hi, she's 4. Unit is very small, two classes I think no more than 10 or 12 from memory. To be admitted she would need a statement that names that school and then to pass the school's own admission panel. I think what they offer is what dd needs so will push for it.

kyz1981 Tue 30-Sep-14 14:26:50

I am also hoping my Son will go there it has a good reputation for children that have complex sensory needs as well as ASD.

I have named the school in statement but not sure what the process is now. I know they start looking at Sep 15 admissions for SEN around now.

When I visited they had a couple of spaces for 15 admission, there are also a few units in Bucks that may be worth looking at also.

FutureMum Thu 02-Oct-14 21:48:07

LOL, Kyz1981, I think we met there, did you have a lovely DD on a sling? I guess if she doesn't make it into that school we may have to move again but I hope not. It's not ideal because it's a big distance for us, and the Bucks units would be even further away.

ibeadam Sun 06-Sep-15 16:32:54

Hello MeAndMySpoon, FutureMum and kyz1981!

I know this thread is rather old, and wish I had seen it earlier.

Our sons goes the the CIRB unit "The Base" at St. Andrews and I would have loved to help if I could.

How did it go? Did you all find the perfect place for your children?

kyz1981 Sun 06-Sep-15 21:39:50

Hi ibeadam and Futuremum, my son started at the base on Thursday and so far seems to be happy to go so fingers crossed it all works out, it was the best school for him or the only one without having to fight to get him in to an indie SS like Meath.

Yes that was me Futuremum - hope your DD has started to settle in her new school.

Putting DS in a taxi for the first time tomorrow, fingers crossed the LA have sorted it all out, but the thought of this leaves me feeling more anxious than him starting at the base.

ibeadam Mon 07-Sep-15 08:34:57

Hi kyz1981.

So glad to hear things are going well. My wife takes our son but often chats to the cabbies - they seem like a caring bunch.

Our son (Huw) has talked about three new starters (two in the older class, one in his). If you hear about a "Kerri" that's my wife, who helps out on a Tuesday.

Our son was being (illegally IMHO) excluded from his previous school. He was a lonely, misunderstood, stressed little boy. Since going to the base he has made an amazing transformation - he even has his first ever friend!

Best wishes.

kyz1981 Mon 07-Sep-15 09:29:16

Hi - I think your little boy is lovely, he helped my little boy on his settling days, I think I have met your wife too : -) my DS is in the same class. he is the youngest by far being reception age.

My son had a nightmare at nursery, and no where else would take him, it was so hard to find the right setting as the bases in my county (bucks) would have destroyed him and he would have ended up in the local SS school which would not be suitable.

I will be picking him up so will probably see you wife often but I have a dd who attends my local school so have to drop her off.

He went in the taxi quite well this morning so fingers crossed all will be well.

we will see at pick up time and tomorrow when he has to go in to the taxi again.

wackydacky Sat 03-Oct-15 11:08:53

Hello. Does anyone have any views on the mainstream school there? Just moving into the area and it seems good. We would like our DS to go to grammar (will be living in Bucks) so wondered if it would be academic enough for that (albeit with a small amount of tutoring which everyone seems to do now!)? Also what are parents like - would love to meet new friends!

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