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What to expect from Cahms learning disability team?

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Hedgyhoggy Mon 22-Sep-14 19:32:26

Just making some notes for a meeting with them tomorrow. Ds is 5 with learning disability. Paed referred to Cahms but when I spoke to them on the phone I couldn't get a clear picture as to what they could help me with and they were quite critical of the paed because he'd not really stated why the referral was needed. Was going to talk to them about ds running away when out and about, aggressiveness with myself and siblings, smearing faeces. Is this the kind of thing they deal with? Your experience would be appreciated.

Hedgyhoggy Mon 22-Sep-14 19:33:13

Not Cahms, camhs doh!

ouryve Mon 22-Sep-14 20:00:35

It's exactly the sort of thing. We were referred when DS2's walking refusals became too problematic.

What I've mostly had is reassurance about what we do with him already. I've had ABC charts to fill out - something I've always done mentally, anyhow. I've also been offered a place on an earlybird plus course, but since it's a big, 12 week commitment and over 7 years since my eldest was diagnosed, I declined as I'm not sure it has much to offer that I haven't found out for myself, already.

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