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First haircut

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eidsvold Tue 06-Apr-04 13:17:58

I am taking dd for her first hair cut later this week... any ideas... she really does not like you fussing with her hair and so I am worried how she will go sitting in the chair and letting the hairdresser trim her hair.

I really have no choice her hair is getting sooo long......

My baby is growing up

dinosaur Tue 06-Apr-04 13:18:58

Good luck Eidsvold!

DS1 would not sit to have his hair cut at the hairdressers until he was 3 - but now he loves it!

Easy Tue 06-Apr-04 13:20:58

I always took ds's favorite book, and something nice to eat while the deed was being done (grapes or smarties seemed to work well)

Oh, and stand behind her making faces in the mirror, that uses up some time, give her some of the clips and stuff to fiddle with too.

Don't be too upset if the results are uneven tho'.

Thomcat Tue 06-Apr-04 13:25:42

I gave Lottie her first hair cut!
She cries as soon as she sees scissors and did that before I cut her hair! It took 3 of us in the end! My dad held her arms down, D held her head still and I cut. Traumatic! Next time I shall have to warn the neighbours! M sister actually bought her a voucher for her 1st haircut in Harrods but I daren't go there

coppertop Tue 06-Apr-04 13:27:01

Good luck!

Ds1 screamed the place down the first time he went. I had to sit him on my knee and hold him there. His curls were getting in his eyes and headlice were doing the round at playgroup. Once the hairdresser had started there was no turning back - with his head shaved at the front and long curls at the back he looked like a mini-Michael Bolton. (Sorry to any MB fans out there). We had to let her finish the job so that ds1 would avoid eternal ridicule.

The second time was easier. We had a few tears but he eventually sat in the chair by himself.

The usual suggestions are:

- use lots of distraction;

- let dd see someone else having their hair cut;

- practise at home with toy scissors and play "hairdressers".

maomao Tue 06-Apr-04 13:29:26

I would definitely bring a new toy or book, or other coveted items for distraction.

Thomcat, how old is Lottie?

I cut my daughter's hair in the bathtub, and trim her bangs whilst she's drinking her bottle (keeps both hands busy and her head still)!

Easy Tue 06-Apr-04 13:31:57

I always said that I wouldn't use force, cos it ingrains the experience into their head as unpleasant. So we cajoled, distracted and wheedled until it was done.

I used this technique with everything (teeth-cleaning, first dentists etc), and have only failed it in one case, taking medicine. We still have to hide medicine in drinks, cos force doesn't work without all medicine being spilt.

Chocol8 Tue 06-Apr-04 13:41:32

I used to cut my ds hair when he was asleep as he has an aversion to scizzors and anything metal. I have been known to cut it parked outside my Mum's house on occasion, just cos i had to make the most of the opportunity. He never twigged.

He now sits in protest with me holding a tissue over his eyes incase any hair falls in them (which means I itch all day). Generally he will wiggle uncontrollably and squirm like mad and yes, even ends up looking like Michael Bolton. I hate taking him but his hair needs doing or he ends up looking like a girl. By the way, he is 6!

Coppertops suggestions were very good though - good luck.

Thomcat Tue 06-Apr-04 13:52:42

Graet suggestion Coppertop.

MaoMao - Lottie was 2 on 17 December.

Easy 0- wish force wasn't necessery, I hate the fact that I have to restrain her so I trim her fringe. tried ewverything esle though, even when she's asleep like you chocol8 but she stirs really easily and moves her head around and puts her arm up in the way.
Distracting her doesn't work, she knows and either puts her haed down between her legs!, or movces her head around, arms everywhere, with huge tears every time.

Why ar haircuts so distressing for so many kids. I don't get it! It's almost as if under the age of 6 yrs, 90% of chilkdrens hair feel pain!!!!

sis Tue 06-Apr-04 14:13:16

ThomCat, have you tried the place in Brent Cross? I think it is called trotters and they charge about £12 but if it helps them get through their first haircut at a hairdressers then it is money well spent! We took ds there and they were very quick and friendly and instead of a mirror, there is a fishtank that the the children can look at - less traumatic than watching someone come at you with a pair of scissors!

Thomcat Tue 06-Apr-04 14:24:36

SIS - Thank you, I'll try anything! Will let you know how we get on next time round. £12 is fine. My sister bought a £50 voucher for her Harrods haircut!!!

Sorry Edisvold, didn't mean to hijack your thread!!!

maomao Tue 06-Apr-04 14:40:19

There's also a place in Crouch End, but I cannot remember what it's called.

Good luck eidsvold! Where are you going?

sis Tue 06-Apr-04 15:31:39

Sorry Eidsvold, I didn't mean to ignore your original question - don't know whereabouts you are but I know that ThomCat lives pretty close to me and that Brent Cross is close to us - maybe you could try trotters too. Ds now goes to my local hairdressers which is open on Sundays, they make a huge fuss of him and, most importantly, we can bribe him as they give lollipops and we tell him that he can only get one if he is well behaved for the haircut!

eidsvold Tue 06-Apr-04 19:15:31

I am no where near you - out in Essex.... I am jsut going up to the little one up the road. If only her hair wasn't so long and gettign in the snotty nose (YUK! but true) She really needs a tidy up as she has long straggly bits and it is starting to get tangled far too much.

Will let you know how it goes. She is okay with me putting her hair in bunches as long as she can see what I am doing but is funny with having her hair brushed - go figure!!

I was hopign to wait until we get home and have the hairdresser who has done my hair since I was 17 but she recently had to give up her work due to cancer - very very sad

Thanks for the hints re: Distraction.

geogteach Tue 06-Apr-04 21:40:03

Anyone in Surrey / South London I can recomend Juniors in Merstham. Kids hairdressers they have toys, videos,biscuits , lollipops and are very, very patient. My kids don't have special needs but the people who work there have told me that some people who's kids do travel miles to go there.

artistmum Thu 08-Apr-04 10:29:37

if you only need to trim a child's fring, there is a quick and easy way to do it, which sounds bizarre, but works. wet child's fringe, dab excess water off with towel, then twist whole fringe into a strand of hair in centre of forehead. Now, cut the strand of hair to the right length - hey presto! A 2 second fringe trim! Just remember that as the hair dries it lifts, so leave fringe a centimeter or 2 longer than you want as it will look shorter as it dries!!!!

eidsvold Thu 08-Apr-04 13:32:16

unfortunately dd does not have a fringe - her hair is really quite long - bottm of her shoulderblades and is getting very messy so alas it needs to be a hairdresser trip... in fact i need to go and get her sorted to go now.

Thomcat Thu 08-Apr-04 13:53:50

tried that one atistmum, she was engrossed watching Aristcats on DVD and I sneaked up behind her, hair still wet from bath and gently lifted whole fringe and just as was about to cut it she suddenly reached up and grabbed hold of the blades! It seriousl takes at least 2 people to go near her with scissors.

I'm thinking of trying to grow dreads on her!

lou33 Thu 08-Apr-04 13:57:19

Am feeling extremely grateful that my lot quite like having their hair cut.

Thomcat Thu 08-Apr-04 14:22:21

You should, you should throw your arms in the air and do a happy dance!

lou33 Thu 08-Apr-04 15:55:48

Might just do that

eidsvold Thu 08-Apr-04 18:21:21

well it all went well. SHe liked the mirror but was more entranced by the funny women with foils and curlers and the such in her hair. She sat relatively still and it looks a lot tidier.

Cost - nothing... they even gave me a little packet with a lock of her hair in. The hairdresser was brilliant.

fisil Thu 08-Apr-04 18:27:26

ds doesn't have sn so I don't know if this helps, but I was an oppotunist. One day he was laid low with a cold in that very cuddly lethargic way, so I rang the hairdressers and took him there and then. He sat like a doll on my knee. Don't know whether I'll be able to wait until the next time he's ill, though!

coppertop Thu 08-Apr-04 18:29:04

I bet you hardly recognise her now! What a lovely hairdresser too.

coppertop Thu 08-Apr-04 18:29:52

Very devious, fisil!

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