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Has anyone's kids ever had spams?

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adrianna22 Sun 24-Aug-14 00:39:43

DS,4, had his tonsillectomy. It went really well. He was literally playing as soon as his operation was over. Obviously he was a bit grouchy, crying and very attached and sleepy, but soon got over it.

I was a bit worried when the recovery team was like that DS had a spasm when waking up from the anapaestic. She did not even tell me, I overheard her saying it to the nurse and I quickly jumped in and said "DS had a spasm?!"

But she said it was normal as it was something to do with her throat, but I mentioned to her that DS had a spasm when he was 7 months old. She paused and said "it's fine". But I wasn't so sure.

Just checking to see if this was normal or not, or if anyone has experienced this.



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