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i just want ds to sleep��;

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iloveithere Thu 24-Jul-14 21:20:33

That's all really, stays awake till about 10 or 11, hitting, spitting,throwing, scratching. He has done this every night for 4 months. I am soooo tired and tearful.

jumboartbox Thu 24-Jul-14 21:36:51

There is an organisation you can contact for advice, the children's sleep charity, could you try there?
Sleep deprivation is awful, my heart goes out to you

PolterGoose Thu 24-Jul-14 21:37:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iloveithere Thu 24-Jul-14 21:52:17

If i leave the door he goes into dds room and hurts her, or throws stuff down the stairs.

Got OT appointment coming up, and a sleep clinic appointment booked. I just need sleep, for both of us!

Dr prescribed some type of antihistamine, after I cried in the middle of reception, but chemist doesn't have any till tomorrow, and its only for 10 days.
However, I'm scared to use it, cos he is so routine driven that if it works he won't sleep after the course has finished, cos he will be so used to it by then.

Sorry to sound so negative to all your suggestions in just feeling so down on the world right now, sorry.

iloveithere Thu 24-Jul-14 21:53:14

I forgot, he is 5, 6 in Sept.

PolterGoose Thu 24-Jul-14 21:56:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iloveithere Thu 24-Jul-14 22:01:09

Thanks just having someone answer the thread helps
I think he might actually be asleep now, I'm going to peep around the door to check.... Yes, fast asleep, and before 10. Result.

PolterGoose Thu 24-Jul-14 22:04:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iloveithere Thu 24-Jul-14 22:10:56

Good plan, polter, night��

Jacksterbear Thu 24-Jul-14 22:23:56

No answers but lots of sympathy, ilove. My DS has only just dropped off! Urghhhhhhh.


Jacksterbear Fri 25-Jul-14 09:25:41

P.s I started a similar thread the other week here - in case any of the responses are helpful to you.

Hope you got some rest.

FancyAnOlive Fri 25-Jul-14 10:37:13

Both my dds are taking hours to go to sleep - after ten many nights and never before 9.30! They were better in the winter though so am hoping it is seasonal and light related.

iloveithere Fri 25-Jul-14 21:16:08

Thanks for that link, kacksterbear.

Now we have the medicine, I'm reluctant to give it to him! I know I'm being daft, but I hate the thought of drugging him to sleep, even though I begged the doctor for it on Wednesday.

Tonight we have tried story cds. He is no closer to sleeping, but at least he is occupied and not hurting us.

sickofsocalledexperts Fri 25-Jul-14 21:27:38

Melatonin has been a lifesaver for us, see good reports on it on the Research Autism site, very safe and effective

iloveithere Fri 25-Jul-14 21:32:24

Its not melatonin, its an anti histamine, I forget the name, phen something.

sickofsocalledexperts Fri 25-Jul-14 21:37:10

Yes we tried I think phenergan/vallergan but melatonin better

I take it too and no side effects or drowsy next day

iloveithere Fri 25-Jul-14 21:43:13

Well, the doctor said this is only for a max of 10 days, and we have got an ot appointment in a week, who has made some vague mumblings about being able to help with bedtimes. Also a camhs sleep clinic in Aug. So hopefully something will help, unless they give contradictory advice, which seems to happen often recently.

marne2 Fri 25-Jul-14 21:51:53

Phenergen can have the opposite effect for some kids ( did with dd1 ) so don't be surprised if it doesn't work.

We use Melatonin, my life has change since both dd's started taking it, it used to take 4 hours to get them to sleep and now it takes half an hour.

Jacksterbear Fri 25-Jul-14 21:57:42

Mine's just dropped off woohoo!

iloveithere Fri 25-Jul-14 22:02:02

10 oclock, and still wide awake. But, the cds are keeping him quiet, no aggression so far, so dh and i are taking 1 hour shifts to sit outside his room, whilst the other gets a break.
So not as bad as usual, but will defo use the medicine tomorrow.

Lucky you, jackster.

iloveithere Fri 25-Jul-14 22:06:14

Oh god, the door slamming and shouting has started

Jacksterbear Fri 25-Jul-14 22:13:44

sad hang in there.

PolterGoose Fri 25-Jul-14 22:14:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thornrose Fri 25-Jul-14 22:17:55

Oh I've been where you are. I've started a few threads over the years when I just wanted a bit of moral support.

Melatonin does work, I too felt funny about 'drugs' but if you have a headache you take a paracetamol.

iloveithere Fri 25-Jul-14 22:20:51

Should I give him the phenegin now, or do you think its too late at night?

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