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New Proud Thread.....(Havent had one in a while)

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Loobie Tue 30-Mar-04 14:11:53

We went to see scooby doo 2 on sunday with ds 1 and 2 ds1 has autism.The really dorky girl (cant remember her name) sees a really dorky guy walk into the room and is obviously(by her facial expression ) very impressed by this dorky h=guy, anyway....ds1 says"ooooo" i go what is it? "she's in love with ihm" Woooooooohoooooo he could tell this by her facial expression. First time ever i have seen him read a facial expression (He's 8)I wanted to run round the cinema saying he knew she fancied the pants off him just by her look.....

fairydust Tue 30-Mar-04 15:43:42

Loobie that is fantastic news - so pleased for you n your family

Blu Tue 30-Mar-04 16:00:46

Wow: feel very excited and pleased for you, Loobie!

Thomcat Tue 30-Mar-04 16:04:17

That's pretty damn amazing! WOW again!
How DID you stop yourself screaming that news out to everyone else?!
What a great post to start the proud thread up again

Well Lottie has been doing brilliantly with her standing. She doesn't complain as much and doesn't do the splits in mid air everytime we go to make her stand!
We now stand her in the front of the Sainsburys trolley (which I always thought was unsafe and silly when I saw other parents do it!), but did it the other day as an idea and she LOVED it. I was very pleasantly surprised. So bit by bit we seem to be winning the battle. A very long way to go but no complaints there, just so pleased to see some progress.

And today we got the date for her 1st day at playgroup! She starts on 19 April! Really excited about it

Oh and one more. She's recently kinda learnt Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She doesn't sing it you understand but anticipates what's next and signs star. I was taking her out of the car the other night when she looked up and said 'Star' and did the sign as well. It was actually the moon, but whatever! I was hugely impressed

geekgrrl Tue 30-Mar-04 16:28:59

loobie, that's just amazing. You must have been so thrilled.
Thomcat, that's great news about Lottie's standing, what a good idea to have her stand in the trolley, it'll help with her balance, too. Very creative of you.

geekgrrl Thu 01-Apr-04 14:18:35

ok, my turn - it was dd2's 3rd birthday yesterday. I'm proud of myself because for the first time I didn't feel a twinge of sadness on her birthday. I'm proud of dh because he wrote her the most beautiful, loving poem in her birthday card (we keep the children's cards for them to read when they're older) and I'm terribly proud of dd2. She was so into the spirit of things! Unwrapped her pressies with gusto but giving each one the attention it deserved before moving on to the next, cheering when we sang 'happy birthday' and then blowing the candles out!!! (ok with a little help from me secretely blowing too, but she gave it a good shot). She even ate loads of cake (new thing for her). We went to the zoo with the children and dd2 really enjoyed herself, and did a cracking sealion impression.

Thomcat Thu 01-Apr-04 14:45:51

Ahhh, lovley. Glad you all had such a great day.
happy Birthday to mimi geek girl!

Fio2 Thu 01-Apr-04 14:51:09

Brilliant Loobie, thomcat and geekgrrl

are you new geekgrrl - was just being nosey!

DD has starting copying words alot mor now, which is good. She has learnt *no* though unfortunately. I am really shocked though with her. I was running the bath this morning and she said 'bubbles' and I said ' no bubbles today just water' and she said 'water' and nodded her head. I know its only small but I am shocked!! Also went to her mothers day service and she knew all the actions and was singing along, in a singing tune.

geekgrrl Thu 01-Apr-04 15:06:31

fio no i'm 2under2 but i've finally managed to change my nickname (only 2.5 years late but hey..)

Fio2 Thu 01-Apr-04 15:07:26

I thought you were but I thought if I ask is it you? and its someone new they would be a bit peeved or pushed out if that makes sense!

coppertop Thu 01-Apr-04 15:21:16

Congratulations everyone!

eidsvold Thu 01-Apr-04 20:44:53

geekgrrl - that is wonderful to hear about dd2's progress... glad you had a wonderful day

Great to read about the other little steps from the juniors

dottee Fri 02-Apr-04 09:24:46

Latest from dd - she's started actually coming to me to ask for assistance on the loo (before she goes in the little room).

Up to last week she was going in there, pulling her pants down, sitting down and shouting 'MUMMY!'

(And she was great in the school play this week.)

eidsvold Mon 12-Apr-04 10:19:14

She posted - instead of throwing shapes around the room dd actually posted one through the shape sorted into the container!! Dh tried to get her to do it again but she obviously figured it was more fun throwing the shapes at dad than posting any more.

Eulalia Wed 14-Apr-04 09:51:46

These are lovely stories. Wish I could add a little sniffing but happy icon.

Eulalia Thu 15-Apr-04 08:59:14

dd is starting to talk at last! (she is 2 tomorrow) I was getting worried about her because of ds (didn't really talk till he was 4). She says "no" quite a lot (funny that!) but is pointing (hooray!) a lot and saying "flowers" at all the daffodils around and saying "daddy's here" when dh comes home.

(((sigh))) of relief.

And can I have a proud about the weather as it looks like it will be really sunny and I can take dd's birthday pic beside her daffodils in the garden

Thomcat Thu 15-Apr-04 09:36:33

Now that's news Eulalia -
how fantastic
You must be over the moon
Be sure to tell us the first time she says 'mummy' as well won't you.
Really, really pleased for you

KPB Thu 15-Apr-04 10:12:39

Great news Eulalia, I can imagine how relieved you must feel

coppertop Thu 15-Apr-04 10:25:27

I second the need for a sniffing-but-happy icon! Well done to all your little people.

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